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Falling Skies: The Pickett Line, Every Hour and Every Minute In Between!

Welcome Falling Skies Fans and WormholeRiders! We have once again gathered in our little corner of the planet to bear witness and stand with the 2nd Mass! Come…..listen to their words, share their grief, accomplishments and losses, pour yourself a drink, and pull up a stool as we learn more about when the aliens came to town and the Masons “draw down”! But I get ahead of myself. As we …Read the Rest

Falling Skies: Search and Recover – To Thy Self Be True!

Welcome back Falling Skies freedom fighters and WormholeRidersFans! Please make yourself at home in our little corner of the planet! We are here to catch up and continue the fight with the 2nd Mass! This episode, written by talented Jordan Rosenberg and excellently directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan had many revelations and left me still wondering who the mole is? What about the new alien race or their supposed leader Cochise (Doug …Read the Rest

Falling Skies: “Molon Labe” or “There’s a New Kid in Town!”

Welcome back Falling Skies fans! Catch up on our little Alien problem:  Karen (Jessy Schram) knocked Maggie (Sarah Carter) out, and she is bleeding.  Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) found son Hal Mason (Drew Roy) on the roof of the hospital, unconscious.  Meanwhile, John Pope (Colin Cunningham) and Anthony (Mpho Koaho) were found on the side of the road and brought back to the 2nd Mass.  Pope woke up and informed …Read the Rest

Falling Skies: “Compass” or Should You Really Ever Ask a Pope for Directions?

Welcome back Falling Skies fans, We are not kicking and screaming, yet!  It seems they do keep drawing us back, back to bear witness to the 2nd Mass and the Resistance. I for One Cannot… Not Watch! These people, the characters and the story have melted into my system like a fine Scotch Whiskey. So pour yourself a shot! Pull up a stool friends, let me tell you a little story …Read the Rest

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