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TNT - Turner Network Television Color Logo banner - Click to learn more about Falling Skies!We have once again gathered in our little corner of the planet to bear witness and stand with the 2nd Mass!

Come…..listen to their words, share their grief, accomplishments and losses, pour yourself a drink, and pull up a stool as we learn more about when the aliens came to town and the Masons “draw down”! But I get ahead of myself.

Falling Skies S3x07 - The Masons are weaponizedAs we join the story, Tom (Noah Wyle) and Ben (Connor Jessup) are searching for Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Alexis, seems they are suppose to meet the Rebel leaders for some Intel on their whereabouts. Ben wants to know that if they do find Ann and the baby, will they return to Charleston.

Tom gives him a fair answer, he is not sure. Ben is worried, now that everyone will know about Alexis being half alien, he knows how the general population will respond to her, says he was older, could take it but he doesn’t really want that for his little sister, but where will they go? Tom responds, keep moving, keep fighting!

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom and Ben searching

Falling Skies S3x07 Cochise coming inBack in Charleston we drop in just as a Pope’s Bar is about to be evicted and towed off! Pope (Colin Cunningham) is about to pop a gasket but just then, there’s a call on the loud speaker for a Medi-Vac team to come to the perimeter!

As we make the run to the line we see Cochise (Doug Jones) carrying a body towards Charleston….upon getting a litter closer we hear what he is saying ‘Please hurry, the President (Stephen Collins) is in need of medical assistance’ he then lowers the body to the ground as Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) moves in to try and help!

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom and the boys ambushed

Tom and his boys are still searching, seems they avoided any party of skitters, but before we let our guard down, they get ambushed by a gang with rifles drawn and faces hidden by ski masks and they are surrounded! Seems this group wants their horses and supplies and when Ben, Tom, Hal (Drew Roy) and Matt (Maxim Knight) try telling them about the survivors in Charleston, well, they are not believing anything!

As they ride off on the horses, leaving Tom and the boys bewildered, the question is, what are they going to do? Tom says they are going to get their stuff back and continue the search for Anne and Lexi!

Falling Skies S3x07 Pres in the hospBack in Charleston with President Hathaway, lying in a hospital bed, Colonel Weaver (Will Patton), Marina Peralta (Gloria Reuben) and Cochise are discussing that alien weapon and how it will be destroyed before it can be used against them!

Cochise is unwilling to discuss much about the defense strategy of the Volm, due to the information leaks that have occurred, lately Hal!

Cochise firmly believes that another mole is still leaking information from Charleston and will refuses to discuss this issue further!

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom and the boys getting closer

Tom and the boys are getting close to the band of weirdo’s that stole the horses and their supplies, Ben can tell! His intuition is uncanny at times; this is a definite plus for our side! Ben makes the first move and subdues a girl getting water from a well, then they all spread out and go separate directions, there is a gunshot!

After the dust settles we find that it is Matt who has pulled the trigger! Everybody stops in their tracks! This is just a no win situation people! Lesson: Cannot go around stealing a man’s horse and expect things to not go south!

Falling Skies S3x07 Matt pulled the trigger

Falling Skies S3x07 Pope and the strikeAs we are pulled back to Charleston and it looks like the moving of Pope’s Bar has caused a strike among the masses no repairs to the trucks and weapons are happening!

Pope has an audience and he is rallying them to keep up the strike! Why should them keep working for the Volm, the bubbleheads, what exactly are they getting out of it, promises, of what?

Colonel Weaver makes an appearance, yells out that ‘Pope’s right‘! We all need a place to unwind and he recognizes that and Ms. Peralta does too! But, he adds, there is no place in this or any democracy for disregard of the Law, especially when it threatens the safety of the community and the progress of the War effort!

The entire crowd agrees with him. Pope tells them to enjoy their evening but that this strike is over, and they all need to return to work tomorrow! In the same breath he arrests Pope, for Civil disobedience and general unruliness, Pope exits the room but leaves us with these words ‘You might have the authority Sir, but you do not have the right’!

Falling Skies S3x07 Back at the Ranch

Back at the ranch, Ben has moved the man Matt shot into a table in the house; he needs water, soap and clean towels to try and stop the bleeding! Tom is talking to their father, they discuss what the alien invasion has meant to both families and the loss all have felt and had nobody is without loss, not now!

The father, Duane Pickett, (Christopher Heyerdahl) thinks his family is safe, here in the hills, Tom assures him that the aliens will find them, maybe not today but one day, they will come!

Tom is trying to convince him that Charleston would be a safer place for them all! Nobody asked for this! If they don’t want to come then all he wants is their stuff and they are gone!

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom and Duane standoff

Falling Skies S3x07 The Pickett lineThe man Matt shot, Gil Pickett, (Michael Rogers), looks like he is going to die; Duane promises Tom no tricks if he can just be allowed to see his brother before he dies!

Tom agrees but Duane is obviously not to be trusted and pulls a hidden rifle on Tom, so now we have a standoff! He somehow gets the better of Tom.

Before we know it the Pickett’s are moving Tom and his boys all down to a cellar with their hands behind their heads! How the hell did this happen people!

The daughter, Bibby Pickett (Larissa Albuquerque) grabs her father just as he is about to shoot Tom, a shot is fired, and a commotion ensues.

It seems nobody is shot, sort of another standoff is happening- a few words are exchanged. Fingers are removed from triggers… for the moment anyway!

Falling Skies S3x07 Lourdes it becomes clearWith Lourdes on watch, could the President be in better hands? After her nice little conversation with the President about her inept doctoring skills and her being the future of the planet, she exits his guarded room turns a couple of corners, steps into a supply room.

Lourdes lies down on a gurney, pulls a Volm weapon from under the cushion – aims it at the ceiling and pulls the trigger!

It turns out she was one floor below the Presidents room and her shot went straight up through the ceiling and also thru the President, killing through the ceiling, his floor and through him!

Lourdes was the mole! Confusion and yelling ensue as armed military rush the Presidents room, but the evil is not in there!- Nope, the evil is calm and cool! Lourdes rises up off the gurney and quietly exits the room, a floor below the chaos!

Falling Skies S3x07 Lourdes is the mole

This story line is not over by a long shot – the next clip has Lourdes seemingly praying at a chapel, but wait – wait – what is that crawling all about her face?!

Yeah, you guessed right…..it is Skitters, the little flying baby ones, crawling all over Lourdes as she looks up at the alter smiling! This is creepy friends! Pretty little Lourdes has completely gone to the dark side and I’m betting they do not serve cookies!

Falling Skies S3x07 Lourdes and the skitters

Back in the Presidents hospital room the Colonel, Anthony (Mpho Koaho), Marina Peralta and Lourdes (yes, she showed up to pronounce the body deceased, Jeezzzz)! They have now realized that Hal was not the mole, at least not this one! Weaver is lining out Anthony as to how they can conduct a search without alarming the general population. Little do they know the mole is standing not two feet from them!

Peralta wants to keep this quite until they have more information, Weaver thinks the people should be told now, that the country deserves to know their President has been killed. Peralta makes it clear to Anthony and Weaver that her orders are to not talk, at least not yet!

Falling Skies S3x07 Anthony on the hunt for the mole

Falling Skies S3x07 Pope and WeaverWeaver comes upon Pope while leaving the trauma area and Weaver’s words to him are ‘Not Now Pope’!

Then they do stop for a second, Weaver is telling Pope to watch his back and then, totally out of character, Pope throws the same warning back to Weaver!

Friends? Allied forces? It’s always better if you can combine forces for a stronger front… Remember this guys!

Falling Skies S3x07 After they left Picketts

After convincing the Pickett’s that everyone was looking for the same thing, just a little peace in this alien infested world, Tom and the boys are headed to Mechanics Field, that’s where Anne and Lexi are supposed to be!

As they pull up to get their bearings, Ben senses a presence of skitters! As they watch a line of skitters heading across an nearby field, Matt realizes that the skitters are headed directly for the Pickett’s house!

Falling Skies S3x07 skitters moving on Tom

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom surrounded PickettsIt is decided that Matt, Hal and Ben will continue on in the search for Ann and Lexi, Tom, alone, will return and try and help the Pickett’s against the skitters! Oh my! You would think this might go well, or not!

Tom slides up at the Pickett’s house, the front door is standing open, he goes in, searches the whole house, no Pickett’s! Where are they?

Suddenly, Tom hears a scream, runs out the front door, listening for another sound, then he hears it…..the skittering of skitters!

He yells at them to ‘Come on’ as three head toward him, just them his entire being is illuminated in light. He turns, and yep! It is a sentry the fore-goers of skitters the really tall big ones! This does not look good folks!

Falling Skies S3x07 Tom standing

Is this the end for Tom Mason? What happened to the Picketts’? I can imagine! What will the boys do if Tom doesn’t return to them? What is going on with Lourdes?!

How did the skitters get to her and can she be saved?! She killed the President!

What’s going on with Pope and the Colonel? Can they join forces to save what’s left of humanity?! Oh the irony!

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoyed my review of Falling Skies “The Pickett Line”? Come back often, drop in for a visit, were always here, the wormhole is always open! Pull up a stool; let us catch you up on a little story about when the aliens came to town!

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Hi Holly,

    Much appreciation in getting “The Pickett Line” analysis complete. I know you have been busy. As your analysis notes, this episode picks up the pace quite a bit FINALLY revealing that Lourdes is the “active mole”. I always suspected this from last season when the flying bugs were in the bus with her. Now we know!

    One thing about this season I would have liked to see is more space ships and personally, a music theme with each episode like many of the first two seasons when Weaver would listen to old vinyl records as we discussed yesterday.

    Great work. Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Kenn Weeks of WHR
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