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Please make yourself at home in our little corner of the planet! We are here to catch up and continue the fight with the 2nd Mass!

This episode, written by talented Jordan Rosenberg and excellently directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan had many revelations and left me still wondering who the mole is?

What about the new alien race or their supposed leader Cochise (Doug Jones), did we accept that alliance a little too quickly, and where have they been all this time?

Who survived the plane crash and where the hell did Ann (Moon Bloodgood) take the baby Alexis?

Falling Skies S3x05 Previously on Falling Skies

At this time in our journey I am really not knowing who to trust, who has been infected, is this all just a big nightmare of a dream? It does seem this season has been full of just one crisis after another, attacks, kidnappings, traitors and aliens! Get your favorite beverage, pull up a stool while I tell you a little story about when the aliens came to town…….

Falling Skies S3x05 Alexis is a hybridRoger Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard) is trying to explain to the President, Weaver, and other members of the 2nd Mass about how after the kiddos spines were removed, their DNA pretty much returned to normal but when he checked the DNA of Alexis, well her DNA is intertwined – Human and Alien DNA are present.

He explains that she is a completely new species a hybrid! We know that Ann knew something was up with Alexis – she’s been hiding the obvious for weeks! No baby climbs, or talks that fast!

That is exactly why she knocked out Kadar and left him for dead and why she ran! Granted there is reason for concern, is Ann also under the control of the aliens, and there could be more worries, like Hal (Drew Roy), guess time will tell…..

Falling Skies S3x05 Weaver the searchCaptain Weaver (Will Patton) is determined to pull together a search party and try and find Ann and the baby, the new President, Marina Peralta (Gloria Reuben) has pulled Weaver aside and is trying to tell him not to go! Weaver completely ignores her pleas and finally she agrees to let him lead the search, but only for 24 hours.

For now, Weaver agrees and off he goes to gather the forces!

He explained to her that being in the 2nd Mass is a family, nobody actually has much family left, and he is not going to NOT try to save a member of his family! Peralta has a valid point – she is worried about how the general population is going to react to a hybrid child, guess that we will see how this pans out folks!

Falling Skies S3x05 Through the Fire

Last week we saw the plane that Pope (Colin Cunningham), Tom (Noah Wyle) and General Bressler (Matt Frewer) were on, going down after being fired upon by the alien ships! The aftermath of the crash seems to have left Bressler dead in the pilots’ seat, Tom coming to with smoke and flames engulfing the plane!

Tom looks around, finds Pope and manages to half drag half carry his body away from the wreckage just before it blew big-time! Surviving the crash is only a momentary win; the aliens are searching the wreckage, looking for survivors!

This time it is Pope that grabs Tom and keeps him from exposing them both! Tom might very well have bumped his own head because just when the aliens have the spotlight on the crash site, he starts to take off running, Pope pulls him back down and the aliens do not see them. Jeezzzz folks!

Falling Skies S3x05 Aliens searching the wreckage

Side Bar: I think the new President likes Weaver too, Weaver might get lucky, might be next season but hey, it could happen!

Falling Skies S3x05 Search and Recover

Falling Skies S3x05 Matt says we bury herWeaver has his search party, they are mounted up and heading out! They make a stop and begin searching around some burned out houses and cars.

Weaver spots the body of a woman, it does look like it could be Ann, after pulling back the hair and searching the face he realizes that in fact it is not Ann! That was creepy! Matt (Maxim Knight) says in a demanding voice ‘We should bury her’, while Hal comments that ‘We don’t even know her’!

Weaver stands up for Matt and agrees, they cannot just leave her there and the decision is made! They will keep a small part of their humanity and bury her!

Falling Skies S3x05 The burial

Tom and Pope have been walking for a while and are out in the middle of nowhere, alone, no food, water or shelter! It’s seems to be getting late and Tom wants to stop and make a fire, hunker down for the night, Pope wants to keep moving! This encounter should be interesting indeed!

Tom just stops and begins making the fire, Pope seems out of his element, who would have guessed that Tom could actually make a fire while Pope, the hard-ass gripes and complains on the sidelines! We learn a little bit about Tom’s childhood, Tom’s father was a mean drunk not really much of a father at all. Things we learned from the crash…….

Falling Skies S3x05 Tom makes fire

After the burial, before continuing with their search, Matt and Ben (Connor Jessup) are grabbing a bite to eat and Matt starts questioning Ben about their mom, her pink Nike’s and the last time they both saw her, their conversation turned to Ann and the hope that she would be found, then Ben reminded Matt to eat!

These small interjections, of what they are as a individuals feed this show and remind us that it’s not only about the aliens and what is happening right now – its also about tying up the feelings that every survivor has for what has been lost and what can be saved!

Falling Skies S3x05 Ben and Matt mom

Revelations indeed. Pope and Tom are sitting around the fire, eating frog legs on a stick, talking about family time, and cooking, Pope comes out with a new insight into his attitude about life in general. He once had his own family, two kids, and the picketed fence.

He had a run in with a neighbor that had been driving down the street too fast, the guy mouthed off at Pope, Pope popped him, the guy went down and never got back up – that ended that life and began a new one – prison, this he says he understood. To me, this was almost the saddest part of this episode.

Falling Skies S3x05 Pope new insight

We should have known it would not last. It looks like Pope was on watch, found and killed a snake, then found Tom asleep by a log! Always being the joker – not – he threw the dead snake on the sleeping Tom, who proceeded to wake up in a really bad mood!

Tom says that a few friendly campfire stories do not a friendship make and proceeds to go at Pope with everything he has! Before we know it, they actually have knives pulled on each other! Damn guys! Fight the aliens, not each other!

Falling Skies S3x05 Tom and Pope fight

With all the noise and commotion they drew a crowd and not the good kind, all of a sudden they are surrounded by the sound of skitters! They stop fighting and find shelter under some tree limbs in a ditch, with skitters searching all around looking for them!

You almost think that they might have hidden well enough until a skitter grabs a limb and actually looks them both directly in the face! Holy crap! I jumped too! They blow that skitters head off; take off running through the woods with more skitters hot on their trail!

They come upon a cliff and the only escape is over the cliff into a roaring river! Pope says ‘Hell No’ but Tom just makes a run for it, and pulls Pope right over with him! They leave the skitters, land bound!

Falling Skies S3x05 skitters on a cliff

Falling Skies S3x05 Pope leaves TomThey survived the river and each other for the time being, but Tom has messed up his ankle and cannot stand, much less run. Pope wraps up Tom’s ankle but it does not good, he even orders Tom to stand and walk, nice try Pope!

Finally, Tom screams insults until Pope finally grabs his jacket, turns and walks away! This is going to be on Pope to make it out of the woods, find help, try to get help back to Tom before he dies from exposure or skitters!

This was quite an exit scene from guys that were just trying to cut each other not 30 minutes earlier! Looks like Tom was sleeping when it began raining and he looks really cold, but the dripping of the rain into his mouth must have been a welcome relief! Just when he settles back down we hear the rustling of leaves and branches breaking, I am thinking skitters, when Hal, Matt and Ben come running up to him!

Falling Skies S3x05 2nd Mass finds Tom

Falling Skies S3x05 Pope saves TomDamn. It was a nightmare my friends! Tom awakes to the sound of skitter noises with nobody saving him! He tries hunkering down but realizes that the sound is closing in on his position! He manages to pull himself onto a rock and here come the skitters, they see him!

He fires on one; the other begins moving closer when all of a sudden its head is blown off, and not from Tom’s weapon! Pope has returned and mentions to Tom that the only thing he hates more than Tom is skitters!

He has found them a truck, it’s not far and has enough fuel to take them back to Charleston, and there happens to be a surprise in the truck, booze and some canned food! Kinda like a holiday folks!

Falling Skies S3x05 Ben and Matt tearsWeaver and his group have returned to Charleston, without Ann or really any leads. Ben is talking to Matt and Matt begins crying, saying he does not want to be alone, to be like that woman they found and buried.

It is a touching moment, then you see Hal, watching them from a distance, he is not moved at all.

He has been acting strange, standoffish, distant to even Margaret (Sarah Sanguin Carter). She notices, and of course we have!

Falling Skies S3x05 Hal watching from a distance

Coming up the road into Charleston, we see two people, helping each other, towards the perimeter guards; they seem to be barely able to move forward! Guns are drawn on them, when finally one yells out ‘Don’t shoot, it’s Tom, Tom Mason, and we’re coming in’!

It is Tom and Pope, guess the truck did not quite make it all the way but that did not stop them! They are dragging butt but alive and have returned!

Falling Skies S3x05 Pope and Tom coming in

Tom wakes up, Pope has been standing guard for 2 days, and he wants to make sure that Tom understands that they are even – Tom saved him, then he saved Tom. That it. This episode ends with Tom surrounded by the people he loves, most love him back, and one I am on the fence about.

It seems they all forgot, but Tom never got the word that Ann and Alexis have gone missing – he is in the dark on this one. Tom notices that they are not in the group by his side, he asks where they are and Weaver is the one to break it to him, this is the face we are left with.

Falling Skies S3x05 Tom being told

We know this drama continues next week, things are going to get even dicer and stranger! I hope you enjoyed my little play by play and we at Wormholeriders invite you back, back to stand witness to the fight of the 2nd Mass, their struggles against the forces of evil that invaded our world.

Come back next week, grab your favorite beverage and pull of a stool, we will be here – with our retelling of the story about when the aliens came to town!

Falling Skies S3x05 the survivors

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