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Falling Skies season two’s season finale, “A More Perfect Union”,was everything I expected it to be and more. The Second Mass lost a beloved character and we were introduced to a brand new alien race.

Dreamworks Television banner - Click to visit and learn more about Dreamsworks at their official web site!We saw some turn to evil and some that will bring new life into this alien invaded world. Just like with season one’s season finale.

I can honestly say Steven Spielberg out done himself with the graphics for this episode.

Before I get too far into this episode I want to recap last weeks episode, “The Price of Greatness”. The Second Mass finally arrived in Charleston. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) was happy to see his old friend and history professor Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn).

Falling Skies S2x09 - Seemingly perfect society in Charleston

Charleston seemed to be the new Washington DC. So much politics and everything was in order. No chaos! How can there be no chaos during an alien invasion? Even in a world where aliens have invaded and taken over, there is still room for politics. Not everyone was happy to see the Second Mass arrive in Charleston.

I felt it was good to see that Col. Porter (Dale Dye) stood behind Captain Weaver (Will Patton) and the Second Mass.

Before continuing, we congratulate contest winner Hokuboku (Shannon) for her awesome walk on role in the second season Falling Skies finale and include the Behind The Scenes video courtesy of TNT as well as the season two 2nd Watch and Unanswered Questions at the end oif this review for your pleasure!

Falling Skies S2x10 - A chat with General Bressler on the price of liberty

A More Perfect Union:

When we last saw our group of survivors General Bressler (Matt Frewer) had locked up Manchester and announced that the civilian government had been suspended and Charleston was now under martial law. That is where the season finale started. General Bressler was ordering his men to lock up everyone from the Second Mass.

He was sure that the Second Mass would be eager to stick it to the enemies. However, the Second Mass knew that the rebel skitters were not the enemies. The General did not believe that.

Falling Skies S2x10 - Matt Frewer as General Bressler

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Rebel SkittersJust about the time the soldiers were gonna lock up Tom and Weaver the security alarms were set off because of a barrier breach. When everyone arrived at the location what they found was a group of skitters in the middle of the room.

The General ordered his men to draw their weapons but Tom recognized the red eyed skitter. Tom ask the General to have his men stand down. That is when Ben Mason (Connor Jessup) stepped from behind a skitter. Tom was very relieved to see Ben was safe and unharmed. Bressler was not willing to tell his men to lower their weapons so everyone from the Second Mass stood arm in arm to protect the rebel skitters.

For once in the two seasons the Skitters and the humans were fighting for the same thing. Freedom from the overlords.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Everyone helping the Rebel Skitters

Tom, Weaver and the General took the skitter and Ben to a separateFalling Skies S2 x 10 Red eye room. The red-eyed skitter activated Ben’s harness and communicated through him. He told Tom “it’s nice to see you again Professor”.

The rebel skitter told Weaver he did not know the prize he had last week when he captured the overlord. He said he controlled all of the military action the East side of the continent and if Weaver had killed him everything would have been turned into complete and utter chaos for the aliens.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Red eye skitter talking through Ben to the General

Falling Skies S2 x 10 General talking to the Red eye skitterRed eye told the group that their oppressors were highly intellectual and had no need for information storage devices such as computers. Each of them controlled huge sections of their interplanetary operations.

The rebels had found out that they were building a weapon that the overlord would be inspecting in a few days. There was a way into the building but the rebels could not make it in undetected because of their harnesses. That is why they wanted the humans to help them out.

Of course Bressler was opposed. He ordered the soldiers to take Tom and Weaver back to their cages. Captain Weaver stood his ground and told the General that the Second Mass would carry out the operation. Weaver said as long as he hung around Charleston he would be a thorn in the General’s backside. So the General told them to go ahead and carry out their mission. When they left the room the General ordered Sgt. Clemons to kill the skitters.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 General, Tom, Weaver, and Porter

Hal Mason (Drew Roy) left Charleston and went to the bridge where Falling Skies S2 x 10 Skitters sleepinghe found skitters hanging upside down asleep. The red eyed skitter and some teens w ere there to greet him. Hal seemed a little threatened until Ben came out. Ben asked why he was there and Hal simply told him he was there to see his brother.

Hal apologized for how things had gone between them. Ben told Hal he had finally found his place there with the skitters. Hal told him he belonged with his family. Ben however was not budging. His place was truly with the skitters. Hal called him frustrating and hugged him goodbye.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ben and Hal talking

Lourdes (Seychelle Gabrielle) and Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) were gathering medical supplies when Anne suddenly got sick. It was apparent to Lourdes that Anne was pregnant. Lourdes asked if Tom knew and Anne said she was not going to tell him until after the mission. So happy to see where the writers have taken these two characters.

Starting a whole new family after an alien invasion cannot be easy. Somehow Tom and Anne can make it work. Spielberg has portrayed Tom Mason as this very strong father figure. No doubt the little one will be welcomed by his older brothers. Moon Bloodgood is actually 5 ½ months pregnant with her first child.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ann puking

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Tom and Arthur talkingTom and Arthur were in his office discussing Bressler. Arthur said Bressler thinks with his rifle. Tom told him that they cannot just tuck their heads in the sand and pretend that the aliens are not out there.

Suddenly Porter paired him and Weaver together he thought Weaver was going to kill him in his sleep. Somehow they made it work. In the back ground you can hear the guards telling someone they cannot go in there. Ben comes through the door saying he has to talk to his dad. Ben told Tom that their camp had been attacked.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ben

General Bressler took a team out to the camp and there were dead skitters and teens lying around. Luckily red eye was no where to be found. Ben said he did not see his attackers. Tom was very upset with Bressler. He told him that Ben was almost killed. Bressler told Tom that his boy was killed right in front of him by a skitter.

The General pulls the plug on the whole operation. Ben panics and tells Tom that if that weapon is made then it will wipe out everything. So Captain Weaver decided that they would complete the mission it would be with a much smaller team.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Tom and General at Skitter camp

Jeanne (Laci J. Mailey) thought she was going to leave with her father to fight. However, Weaver told her that he needed her there. He could not stand the thought of losing her again. His daughter felt the same way about him. She even said they would at least die together. Captain Weaver’s father side shined through this episode.

He told Jeanne that Charleston needed someone to finish this war. After he saw how she stood up to Manchester he knew that she was the person. It was very touching to watch them reunite. Season one and most of season two Weaver had no family. Bringing back his daughter to let the fans see another strong father figure on the show was smart.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Weaver and his daughter talking

A couple of times in the finale we got to see Anthony (Mpho Koaho) and Dai’s (Peter Shinkoda) sense of humor. Usually it is Pope (Colin Cunningham) delivering that but not this time. I hope next season we get to see more of Mpho Koaho. He is a very talented actor that started his career when Maya Angelou cast him as the young lead in her film Down in the Delta with Mira.

Falling Skies S2x10 - Anthony and Dai get ready for action

The Second Mass were gathering up their gear and getting ready to leave Charleston. Tom noticed that Ben was drawing and told him he did not know he could draw. Ben said one of the many things about being harnessed. Tector (Ryan Robbins) actually showed up to help the Second Mass.

This shocked me considering last episode he was more on Bressler’s side. His bezerker friends did not give him a very warm welcome back. Tector was going to have to prove his loyalty to the bezerkers.

Falling Skies S2x10 - Pope shares words with Tector

Tom left Matt (Maxim Knight) in charge of making sure Lourdes wasFalling Skies S2 x 10 Matt and Tom talking ok. It was his way of making his son feel useful. The whole second season Matt has grown and wanted to fight with the Second Mass. Poor guy just does not realize he is still too young. Maybe we will see more out of Maxim Knight in season three.

Falling Skies S2x10 - Matt Mason one of the innocents coming of age

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Mech and the new weaponThe Second Mass arrived at the weapon facility. The underground caverns they had to crawl through were narrow and seemed to make everyone uncomfortable. Arriving at the outside of the chamber, Ben could sense that the overlord was on the other side. Weaver ordered them to put explosives around the wall.

To me it was an awfully tight spot to be putting explosives down. However, it seemed to blow a hole in the wall without harming anyone.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Margaret and Hal

Once they breeched the wall, they headed into a huge room that was empty. Sure that the aliens heard that everyone was on high alert. It was so tense at this moment. I was waiting for anything to jump out! Weaver gave everyone orders of where to lay out the explosives around the weapon. They were not really sure what the weapon was for or why it was pointed at the sky.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 The new weapon

Skitters showed up out of nowhere and started attacking everyone. These things were literally coming out of the walls. Dai was picked up and slammed against the wall and killed. One of several characters we have seen leave the show. It was chaos! Next you hear “Professor Mason”. No doubt the voice was that of Karen Nadler (Jessy Schram).

This girl had become a thorn in the backside to the Second Mass. When will we see our loving Karen return? Miss Schram is definitely a very talented actress. I have seen her play this very sweet and innocent Cinderella on Once Upon a Time and she has turned into this very controlled and evil villain. Hopefully her character if ever given the chance will go back to the sweet Karen we first met.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Karen

Falling Skies S2 x 10 TomThe next scene was something that looked straight out of a horror film! Tom and the rest of the Second Mass where bound with their hands above their heads with what looked like tentacles hanging from the ceiling. It was creepy!

Talk about having trouble sleeping. Karen with her relentless questions on how they found out about the weapons facility. She brought back out the big stick that was used on Tom the very first episode of Season two. Shocking him was not going to make him tell how he knew. The whole time the overlord was there watching as Karen tortured them.

Falling Skies S2x10 - Karen with Skitter is up to no good

Karen had her eyes on Hal. She said she had been wanting to do this for a long time and grabbed Hal and kissed him. I am not sure what it was Karen did to him but he passed out. Maggie (Sarah Carter) had this look of she wanted to rip out Karen’s eyes. Would have loved to see a good cat fight in the finale. Karen shocked Tom and Captain Weaver.

Neither of them would talk. It was not until she put her eyes on Anne that Tom thought about telling her. Karen approached Anne and could sense she was pregnant. She told Tom that Anne was pregnant and he was surprised. When Karen went to shock Anne Tom said he would talk. That got the overlords attention.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Margaret

As soon as Tom said he would talk the rebel skitters rushed in and grabbed Karen. There was skitters fighting skitters all over the place. Not sure who the rebel skitters were and who were not. Red eye attacked the overlord. Was so excited to see this! It was a battle for freedom at that very moment. With the overlord harnessing red eyes species no doubt he had some pent up anger. This was the perfect time for red eye to take out the overlord.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Overlord

The overlord slashed red eye in the neck with some blade that appeared to come out of his arm. Kind of like Wolverine of the alien world. Tom saw his chance to kill the overlord. He grabbed the stick Karen had been shocking him with and knocked the overlord off his feet. Tom hit him several times with it until he was dead. This made the skitters retreat.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Overlord with his blade out

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Karen climbing the wallBefore Karen made her unbelievable exit she told Tom that it was not over. Then like spider man Karen jumped onto the wall of the room and climbed it. The special effects were amazing! Nothing more creepy that seeing a human scale a wall.

Red Eye was lying on the ground dying. Ben ran over to him and held him in his arms. Ben had this sad look on his face as if he were losing a family member. It was a touching moment. Ben looked at red eye and told him he understood. Not sure what he told Ben. Maybe in Season three there will be something bigger in store for Ben.

Maybe now he will be leading the rebel skitters. Red eye extended his hand to Tom in what was a monumental moment for the series. Tom grabbed his hand and red eye told him to continue the fight and then he passed away. I felt so bad for him at this moment. Who knew I would feel bad for a skitter dying.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ben holding the Red eye skitter

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Tom holding red eyes hand

There were only a couple of rebel skitters left. Weaver ordered them all to get out and blew up the facility. It was a victorious moment for the Second Mass. They actually accomplished something that General Bressler had quickly deemed a suicide mission. The Second Mass definitely showed him.

When they arrived back at Charleston Weaver told Bressler “mission accomplished”. The look of surprise on his face was priceless! He told everyone to get them food and anything they wanted. Col. Porter told Weaver how proud he was of the Second Mass. He was not surprised at all that they had accomplished their mission.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Second Mass returning to Charleston

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Weaver hugging his daughterLoved ones were rushing to make sure that their family were OK. Lourdes searched for Anne and was so happy to find her. Anne has been like a mother or mentor to Lourdes. Matt was excited to see his dad and Ben back. Matt asked Ben was he gonna stay and Tom was shocked when he said he was.

Actually he was already ready to beat his brother in a game of monopoly. Seemed Tom was getting his family back together. It was also nice to have a new addition coming for the Mason family next season.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ben, Tom and Matt

Tom and Anne finally had some alone time to discuss her being pregnant. Not sure how Tom felt about it she told him she was not quiet sure it was fair to bring a baby into this new world that was over run by aliens. Tom however told her that he was happy at the thought of a baby. Of course he was! Tom is an amazing father.

Maybe this will help Anne heal since she lost her boy in the alien invasion. Most may have forgotten her pain from the first season. Tom put his hand on Anne’s stomach and literally tears came to my eyes. Such a touching moment between these two characters. Cannot wait to see what next season has in store for these two.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Ann and Tom talking

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Hal, Margaret, Lourdes, Ann, Tom, Matt, BenAnne was not certain what was wrong with Hal other than he was unconscious. She assured them that with some rest Hal would be OK. Everyone left the room and soon after that Hal awoke. He seemed disoriented at first. Not sure of where he was. He went to the mirror and turned on the light and that was when he noticed something crawling under his skin.

Karen had put something in him. It crawled out of the corner of his eye and then went back into his ear. After that Hal transformed into this evil looking person. Does this mean he is going to go join Karen? I hope not. I kind of like what they have done with Maggie and Hal. They make a really cute couple.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Alien on Hal's face

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Hal

Tom and Manchester were in his office discussing what had happened. Manchester said Bressler had returned Charleston back over to civil rule under one condition, Manchester was no longer majority leader. Arthur told Tom that position was best suited for him. Tom told him he was flattered but could not accept the position. Him and Captain Weaver had both agreed that Charleston was not the place for the Second Mass. Tom said until the aliens are gone he was going to fight.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Tom and Arthur

Weaver asked Tom how Manchester took the news that the Second Mass were leaving and he said not good. The sooner they get out of Charleston the better. Weaver and Tom had come a long way since season one. Both being able to lead the Second Mass into victory and keeping them safe.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 Tom and Weaver

As Tom and Weaver walk through the corridor there was a rumble Falling Skies S2x10 - Something is about to happenand the ceiling seemed to be coming down on them. They all ran outside the building to see what was happening. The sky was churning with clouds. It looked like there was fixing to be a huge tornado. The wind was blowing. Out of the sky fell these lights.

The look on everyone’s face was fear. The lights were actually small pod like vessels. One landed right in front of them. Tom asked Weaver “what the hell are those?”. Weaver replied “nothing we’ve ever seen before”. The door to the vessel opened and everyone raised their weapons. An alien in a suit stepped off the ship.

The suit that it was wearing looked amazing. Like it had wings on it. The shield over its face raised and what we saw must have been red eyes alien species. It kind of resembled a skitter in the face minus all the extra appendages.

Falling Skies S2 x 10 spaceships

Falling Skies S2 x 10 New alien

Falling Skies S2 x 10 The new alien

Falling Skies S2x10 - A new alien arrivesSo this must be our new perfect union, a new race of aliens? Or allies of the rebel Skitters?

Next season has so much in store for the Second Mass.

A new union with a new alien to help take down the Overlords!

What an exciting end to the second season with so many unanswered questions! We include the latest episode of 2nd Watch and unanswered questions below for your enjoyment!

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  • avatar Kenn Weeks says:

    Hi Angie,

    Very nice analysis of “A More Perfect Union”. Loved the entire season, but the finale was beyond awesome as you captured in your review. Although I saw auite a few “I hate Karen” tweets, this is actually a compliment to Jessy Schram’s outstanding acting ability.

    I was saddened by the death of Dai and Red Eye too by that evil Overlord! Naturally the final moments with the arrival of new allies was superb! My personal opinion is that they will be allies!

    Thank you for your hard work and having your analysis ready when the episode airing completed on TNT west!

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