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This is an updated news article to our article from contributing writer Wendy (LadyDeadLock) who previously reported on May 02, 2012 from CalgaryExpo regarding the potential future for Sanctuary as well as the fate of the programs artifacts.

We can re-confirm at this time that all the Sanctuary props and costumes and related items are indeed in storage near Vancouver after the lease on the studios facilities were doubled and Beedie Group had to make a decision pending renewal news from Syfy.

Legends Memoralbilia banner - Click to learn more at the official web site!The story actually began much earlier on Friday afternoon April 20, 2012. On that day WHR received official word that Sanctuary props and costumes have been acquired by Legends Memorabilia for potential liquidation. Many in the Sanctuary fandom were surprised by this development despite the fact that Sanctuary has not been announced as officially canceled nor renewed by Syfy.

As Paul Brown owner of Legends Memorabilia stated to WormholeRiders News Agency on Friday April 20, 2012; “I will be be speaking with Amanda Tapping Monday May 07, 2012 after CalgaryExpo about the ultimate disposition of the Sanctuary artifacts”. Amanda Tapping in Nepal with Mankumari - Visit and follow Ms. Tapping on Twitter!Visit and follow Paul Brown of Legends Memoralbilia on Twitter!

Since that time on April 20 when WHR spoke with Paul, no additional verifiable information has been made available to WHR regarding the Sanctuary costumes, props and related items. 

However, as Paul Brown mentioned during his chat with WHR’s managing editor (Kenn), we know he is preparing for travel to FedCon in Germany to support one of his clients, Richard Dean Anderson and his fine work for the Sea Shepherd charity. FedCon2012 banner - Visit and learn more at the official web site!

As a result, since Mr. Brown stated it would take “many weeks” to sort it out, we here at WHR do not expect any additional news regarding the Sanctuary prop and costume items until after the FedCon convention in Germany concludes later this month.

A Look at Sanctuary – Past, Present and Future:

Sanctiury For All Banner-- Visit and follow Sanctuary Series on Twitter!Since even before its debut as a small webseries in early 2007, Sanctuary has always had it’s more critical, important and most valuable asset, the intelligent, loyal and passionate fan base.

Sanctuary as a show already has a lot going for it on it’s own, but as a fan myself, someone who has been with it from the start, I feel that the fans have been a part of not only the series success, but as part of the shows family as a whole.

As both a reviewer, reporter and a fan, I have been to many forums over the years, I have always seen much support for the show in one way or another, I have seen fans defend the show from not so kind comments, and I have seen them come up with new and clever ways to support the show. Sanctuary For All banner - Visit and follow Sanctuary Series on Twitter!

In a way, as the show has grown and evolved from a small webseries, to a big television program, the fans have grown and evolved with it, both as fans, and individuals. The fans have done much more than simply write on websites talking about how much the show is great, expressing what they like about the characters and actors.

These dedicated individuals have experienced the deeper aspects of Sanctuary, including the story arc in each plot, outstanding direction, cool visual effects and references to real life as related to each episode of the series.

The fans have expressed their enjoyment for Sanctuary by making appreciation videos, writing short stories to share their joy with each other online. Many of these events have lead to glee filled real life encounters!

Through the Sanctuary television show, fans from all over the world have not only met online, they have built up lasting friendships. Many have even met in real life, either at conventions, or just to see each other and get to know one another. Sanctuary fans may have only started off as individual fans at first, but now the Sanctuary fandom is strong, connected, passionate, loyal and most importantly, a community, one that spreads worldwide.

Visit and donate to Sanctuary For Kids and dare to dream!Most notably, Sanctuary fans biggest achievement would have to be Sanctuary For Kids! Started back in 2009, Sanctuary For Kids is a not for profit foundation serving children by providing food, water, better homes and safety for the less fortunate souls in our often troubled world.

It goes without saying that the Sanctuary fan support has been amazing! The Sanctuary For Kids foundation has raised well over $250,000 with 100% of the money donated going to where it is needed most.

Because of the support and generosity of fans, young children who live in Nepal, and other struggling countries, have been given better, happier and safer lives, and some children have even been able to be reunited with lost loved ones.

The Sanctuary cast and crew have made it fun for fans to get involved by auctioning off props, clothes, scripts, even the actors have even auctioned themselves off in more ways than one, and events have always made a lot of money for the chatty.

The fans do not simply donate when they are asked to, they come up with their own ways on their own on how to raise money for the charity, either by fan projects, or by getting some of the some of the people who run the charity involved. In fact, back in 2010, the first official Sanctuary Experience convention took place in Vancouver over one weekend in Vancouver. That single event alone raised over $90,000 as reported by our friend Ash!Visit and donate to Sanctuary For Kids and  Dare to Dream!

Sanctuary For Kids has been a wonderful and important example of how the power of fandom is so strong, connected and passionate. The fans support Sanctuary For Kids as much as the show, because they know the charity is for a great cause receiving satisfaction helping those who need the help.

Even though the fans have never met the children they send money to, they are working together as a community to give these kids the lives they deserve, and one community is changing the lives of so many around the world. Sanctuary has been apart of the lives of so many, and not only that, it has improved the lives of so many, mine included.

For four seasons, I have always watched the show on my own in my home, never with anyone actually with me. However, one night last season a close friend and I watched an episode together. I had never shared shared an episode with anyone, it has always been something I have watched on my own. This was a wonderful new experience to actually share it with a friend. The fact that we live on opposite sides of the world shows how closely connected the Sanctuary fandom is!

Right now fans are waiting for word on a renewal for Sanctuary season five, and they have not given up that there will be one. The waiting has been hard, but the fans have used that time to find new ways to get a fifth season. For the last few months, fans have done what they have been doing best since the show started, they are supporting it and coming up with ways to help Sanctuary season five become a reality!

Syfy Logo Gold - Click to learn more at Syfy!Fans have made Youtube videos, internet polls, started “Save Sanctuary” campaigns for Syfy to consider on multiple web sites. Fans have also written letters to TPTB because they feel it will help get a fifth season in the works.

For the fans, Sanctuary has become more than a television show that they sit and watch for one hour each week. To the contrary, this program has been a “Sanctuary” for MANY fans around the world to come together online, and enjoy the show.

Fans have supported Sanctuary before the very first night on broadcast television! We here at WHR are confident thaSpace Channel banner logo - Visit and learn more at the official web site!t fans will continue to support Sanctuary all the way to whatever fate awaits in the future. We hope the wait will be over soon since fans would very much appreciate it if Syfy and other of The Powers That Be will grant the amazing cast and crew of Sanctuary and the loyal fans an epic fifth season! 

Why? Because if the show has taught us anything over its four year run on Syfy in the United States and Space Channel in Canada, it is that Sanctuary, is indeed for all.

Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on TwitterThanks to Kenn for extensive editing, hyper-linking and putting final touches on this Sanctuary news article and even more thanks to you for reading and visiting our news site dedicated to Sanctuary at WormholeRiders News Agency.

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