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It was so good that the show was finally back from hiatus. I was having Stefan withdrawals for two weeks! Episode 19, The Heart of Darkness, was the perfect return for our teens of Mystic Falls.

Some of our favorites came back and not to mention some pretty hot scenes from some of our beloved characters. Before continuing my first review, we include the promotional trailer for the next great episode, “Do Not Go Gently”, courtesy of the CW Network.

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The Vampire Diaries S3x18 A murder of oneBefore I give you the scoop of what happened in this weeks episode, The Heart of Darkness, I want to give you a quick recap of our episode before the hiatus, episode 18, A Murder of One.  A murder of one meant just that.

In episode 18, we found out that Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev), Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), Damon Salvatore (Ian Sommerhalder)and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) all came from the same bloodline. If the original dies that they descended from then they all die. It left poor Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) up on the chopping block because he was sired by Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

However, the Salvatore brother’s thirst to get rid of Klaus meant that Tyler would be a casualty of war. It will be interesting to see what Caroline will do to help and stop the killing of Tyler. Will it be because she loves Tyler or will it be because she has grown fond of Klaus? 

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The Vampire Diaries S3x18 Damon and ElenaJust when it seemed this episode that Stefan and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrevmay reconcile, Stefan noticed that Elena had feelings for Damon. Since season one it has been evident to us fans that there was a connection between the two.

Personally, I am team Stelena. Not that I am not a Damon fan because his sense of humor is a big part of the show. Seeing Elena and Stefan together is where my heart is. However, the writers cannot ignore the chemistry between these two characters.



In the past few episodes we have come to discover that Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) was actually the killer in Mystic Falls. It was a shock to find that our beloved Alaric was capable of such things. Luckily it had to do with the ring he wore that could bring him back from death instead of it being his bedside manner.

I was for sure after Aunt Jenna Sommers (Sara Canning) died that Alaric would be the parent figure in Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) and Elena’s lives. Stefan and Damon have captured Alaric and are holding him in the cellar at the Salvatore mansion.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Alaric in cellar

Klaus had destroyed all but one of the stakes that Stefan had made out of the wickery bridge sign from the white oak tree. The last stake that was the only thing to kill an original with was hid by Alaric’s psychopathic vampire hating alter ego. Only way to find out where it was would be to somehow get Alaric’s alter ego to come around.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Alaric and Elena in cellarElena felt sorry for Alaric in this episode. Being held captive in a cellar was not what she wanted for Alaric. Coming to terms with him being the killer was hard enough on her.

Seeing him like this was hard. She brought Alaric some things she thought he might need and of course he pulled a book out of the bag titled Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Elena knew immediately it was from Damon. One thing I love about Damon is his sense of humor. Glad to see this episode there was plenty of it.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Elena entering cellar to see Alaric

Alaric assured Elena that being held prisoner in the cellar was exactly where he needed to be. Not that it made her feel any better. Elena was sure that if Alaric’s alter ego did not tell them where the last stake was that Klaus would wage all out war and start killing innocent people. This is new?

Somewhere there is a side to Klaus that has to be loving and caring. We saw a glimpse of that in the episode “Dangerous Liaisons”. Klaus wooed Caroline the whole time she was at the ball. He even drew her a picture of her with a horse. I want to see more of this side of Klaus. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline and Klaus by carriage

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Stefan SalvatoreElena decided to take a trip to Denver to pick up Jeremy since Klaus knew where he was. Stefan suggested that she take Damon with her.

Stefan said he noticed that Elena had feelings for Damon and he wanted her to take that trip to find out what those feelings were. Of course I am yelling at the television “No, do not let her go Stefan”! Damon has that charm about him and the way he looks at Elena does not help.

Before leaving, Damon told Stefan he liked his confidence when it came to getting the information out of Alaric that they needed. He said the good Stefan was back and in control. Damon even told him he may get the girl.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Elena saying goodbye to Stefan

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Caroline talking to MattCaroline arrived at the school to see how the set up of the prom was coming along. She noticed Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) with a box of costumes from the 1920’s. Caroline reminded Matt that it was a decade dance yes but the 1970’s.

Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) approached them saying that people needed help setting up tables and that she was in charge. The first two seasons Caroline had been in charge of all the social events taking place in Mystic Falls. Could it be she has to make room for someone new? Miss Claire Holt does a wonderful job playing Rebekah, a born socialite.

Matt brings out the softer side of Rebekah. Caroline is very jealous of the relationship forming between Matt and Rebekah. I love the comments shared between these two characters. Always something snippy to say to each other.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Caroline fighting with Rebekah

 The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Jeremy in the batting cageElena and Damon arrived in Denver and found Jeremy at the batting cages. Damon watched Jeremy swing and miss a ball and said “next time I compell him, remind me to make him better at baseball”. Damons sense of humor!

Jeremy seemed really happy to see Elena but when he saw Damon he knew immediately something was wrong. Damon explained to Jeremy that he needed him to speak to Rose (Lauren Cohan) to find out who sired her. That way they would know which original that they came from. Thus, hopefully killing Klaus would not kill all of them. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Damon and Elena

Jeremy reminded them that he could talk to Vicki Donovan (Kayla Ewell) and Anna (Malese Jow) because he knew them. Damon said “what good is dying and coming back to life if I can’t get you to talk to a ghost when I need you to?” Jeremy told them that he would give it a try later but for now his friend had showed up. Elena noticed his friend right away. It was no friend at all. It was Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic)! When Damon turned Kol hit him with a bat and told Jeremy that they were not friends. Kol went for another bat and Damon took the broken bat that Kol hit him with and stabbed him with it. Damon bought them enough time to get away from Kol.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Kol Mikaelson

Elena, Damon, and Jeremy arrived at the motel to hide from Kol, and a place to talk to Rose. Jeremy said “I can’t believe Kol was a vampire.”. Of course, Damon replied “Well, didn’t you find it weird that you made a friend so fast, have you met you?”. They entered the motel room and instantly wanted Jeremy to get ahold of Rose. Jeremy requested a picture, but of course Damon did not have one. Elena suggested Damon tell them about Rose, but Damon took it as a joke. Quickly Elena set him straight. Damon Told them about her last day alive. How she was in paradise, and ready to face death. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 RoseRose appeared and told them she was in paradise in the dream Damon gave to her. Who knew Damon was so sensitive? Elena asked her if she got lonely in the after life, but Rose told her she liked it much more than running away from Klaus her whole life. She also explained it was not an original that turned her it was Mary Porter. Damon rolled his eyes an sighed “ Scary Mary.”  The only issue was Rose had no clue where Mary was, but said she would start searching right away. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Rose explaining the after life

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Caroline and TylerCaroline, and Matt fooled Rebekah into thinking Caroline was truly angry that Matt chose Rebekah’s theme for the dance. What Rebekah did not know was Caroline, and Matt planned that whole invent out. Caroline just wanted to keep Rebekah busy so that she could sneak away and see Tyler. As Caroline searched in the woods for Tyler she turned around and there he was. The only thing Caroline could get out of her mouth was “Hi”. Tyler told her she had no idea how much he missed her. Of course, like everytime they have seen each other there is always a love scene to happen shortly after.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Caroline and Tyler Laying Down

After the love scene between Tyler and Caroline, Tyler promised her once he knew how to deal with Klaus they would make love in an actual bed. Caroline thought that Tyler came back because he felt better. Tyler told her he felt a million times better, but was not sure that the sire bond was broke. He would not know until he put it to the test. She told him that Klaus may not be the only thing he needed to worry about. She explained how Matt killed an original, and that any vampire that original ever turned misteriously died. If Stefan and Damon find out their blood line did not descend from Klaus they were going to kill him. Which worried Tyler, because Klaus turned him.  I am hoping most everyone came from Elijah Mikaelson’s bloodline. I am a huge Elijah fan!

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Tyler and Caroline talking

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Elena peeking at Damon!This episode Damon really enjoyed rubbing it in to Stefan that him and Elena were at a hotel hiding from Kol. As soon as Jeremy fell asleep the tension in the air went up. The temperature was rising in Elena. I could tell because of the way she kept looking at Damon. The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Elan and Damon laying in bedElena was clearly frustrated so she left the room. Did not surprise me that Damon followed her out. The love scene between these two characters was definitely hot! Even though I am team Stelena I could not ignore the chemistry. Leave it up to Jeremy to cut them off. Jeremy to the rescue! The embarrassment on Elena’s face when Jeremy interrupted them. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Damon and Elena's love scene

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 EstherBack this episode was the mother that everyone wished would go away. Esther Mikaelson! Rebekah almost tore her throat out when returning home and finding her mother there.

Esther told Rebekah that she was dying because she was drawing her powers from the Bennett witch line and when Abbey Bennett died it severed that connection.

Rebekah almost felt sorry for Esther. They briefly held hands and Esther passed out and died. It was that quick. Was she really dead? Klaus came in and saw Esther laying on the floor. I am sure he was relieved that she was dead. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Esther laying dead

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Stefan visiting Alaric in the cellarStefan knew that he needed to get from Alaric’s alter ego where he hid the last stake from the Wickery Oak Bridge. Alaric told Stefan that he felt the only way his alter ego would come forth would be if he thought his life was in danger. Alaric removed his ring and told Stefan that he was hoping his alter ego did not have a death wish. The only way he was going to get to Alaric’s dark side was to tap into his ownThe Vampire Diaries S3x19 Stefan beating infortmation out of Alarics alter ego dark side and make Alaric think that he was going to kill him. At last, his vampire hating alter ego emerged! After a brutal beating Alaric told Stefan that the stake was in the cave where no vampire could get it. Klaus and Rebekah were waiting for Stefan in the den. Klaus seeming pleased that it was not that hard to get that out of Alaric.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Klaus and Rebekah

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Mary Porter deadAfter the heated scene Jeremy broke up between Damon and Elena, Rose told Jeremy where to find Mary Porter. Arriving at her house, they found that Kol had beat them to her. Mary Porter was dead.

Kol emerged from the darkness and started beating Damon. He did not want to kill him, he just wanted to get even with him for snapping hisThe Vampire Diaries S3x19 Kol admitting to killing Mary neck earlier. It is almost as if Damon has met his match on evilness when Kol came to Mystic Falls.

Damon asked Elena what she was up to with the trip and with kissing him. She told him Stefan told her that she had feelings for Damon and that trip was for her to make sure if she had them or not. Basically, she was waiting for Damon to screw up like he usually did so she would have guilt free reason to run back to Stefan. However, Damon told her he was not gonna make it that easy for her.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Kol hurting Damon and Elena

Klaus and Stefan exchanged a few harsh words to each other. Klaus letting Stefan know that he knew about Damon going to Denver to find Mary Porter and that he was unsuccessful. Stefan knew that if Klaus had wanted him dead that he would be dead already.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Klaus and Stefan

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Rose appearing to tell Jeremy that Damons better for ElenaOn the car ride back to Mystic Falls, Rose helped Jeremy see that maybe Damon and Elena together was not such a bad thing. He loves her. He lets her be herself and trust her.

Elena loves that about Damon and so do I! Still, you could see, Jeremy was not happy with the thought of Damon and Elena being together.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Elena and Damon on the way home

Coming to the end of the episode, Tyler and Caroline are getting ready to go to sleep for the night when Tyler notices a drawing of Caroline and a horse that Klaus had drew for her. Sensing something happened while he was away, Tyler told her that he would not be spending the night with her and he abruptly left. Why did Caroline hang on to the drawing? Maybe there is a future for Caroline and Klaus. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Tyler finding the drawing Klaus dres for Caroline

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Alaric's alter ego finding the last stakeRebekah took Alaric to the cave to get the stake. Once he entered he told Rebekah there was no way he was giving her the stake. Sensing he wanted to bargain with her, Rebekah asked him what it was he wanted.

Alaric told her that if she got him out of the cave alive that he would make sure that she would not be the original that he was The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Rebekah walking into the cave vampires cant walk intoplanning on killing with the stake. Rebekah said he was mistaken that she wanted all the originals to die and she stepped into the cave.

How could she do that? Our answer came at the end of the episode. She walked into the cave and introduced herself to Alaric as Esther. What a shock! I cannot wait for next week’s episode to find out exactly what happened to Rebekah.

The Vampire Diaries S3x19 Rebekah revealing herself as Esther

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