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This weeks episode titled “Break On Through” was so exciting and sexy! I can never see enough of Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Only one word sums him up, hot!

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Last weeks episode titled “1912” took us back to Stefan Salvatore’s and Damon’s past. We were introduced to a new character named Sage, played by the very talented Cassidy Freeman from Smallville. Sage took a very lovesick Damon and taught him how to prey on innocent women. Present day Mystic Falls Damon has not changed very much when it comes to that.

Sage and Damon tried to teach Stefan how to feed moderately on girls and know when to stop. Just like 1912 it did not end up too well.  Unfortunately, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) was there to see it. Most of our characters were absent in 1912. No sign of Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) or Klaus Mikaelsen (Joseph Morgan).

 The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Group Shot

Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) and Elena spent most of the episode trying to clear Alaric Saltzman’s (Mathew Davis) name as the killer.  By the end of the episode we found out that wearing the ring that can bring him back to life was worn also by Samantha Gilbert and it drove her mad. With Alaric’s losing time and people ending up murdered, it appeared it was doing the same thing to him.

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Break On Through:

Break On Through opened with Elena and Damon freeing Alaric from the hospital. Alaric took off his ring and gave it back to Elena to hold. It would seem that ring does more harm than good. What was the price Alaric had to pay for being killed and brought back to life so many times? Our answer to this question came out in this episode.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric and Elena

As Damon and Elena leave the hospital it was clear that Elena was still angry with Damon for having Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) feed off of an innocent woman. Damon told Elena that they were predators not puppies. That did make me giggle. We are talking about vampires that suck the blood from humans! Damon told Elena that Stefan had built himself a wagon that he continued to fall off of. It was all about control and Stefan would have to learn that control. Elena told Damon that Stefan had control when he was dating her because he let her feed a little off of her every day when they were dating. Leaving him with “maybe you aren’t the right person to be teaching Stefan about self control”. Damon’s remark about Elena and Stefan’s relationship being about rainbows and unicorns left me laughing. It would though because I am such a Damon fan.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Damon and Elena

Back at the Bennett home, Caroline showed up with a cooler full of a vampires dream. Fresh bags of blood from the blood bank! With Caroline bringing the food and Bonnie Bennett making her mother, Abby Wilson a daylight ring, it seemed as though Abby’s transition would be smooth. However, Abby was not taking it so well. Bonnie explained to Caroline that witches felt a connection with the earth. When Abbey was changed into a vampire she lost that connection and along with it all her powers. I can see her being upset. If it were up to me, I would want to be one with nature rather than a blood sucker who steals lives from the innocent.


The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Caroline and Bonnie

Rebekah Mikaelsen’s snooping had Damon concerned. He saw her at the Wickery Bridge asking questions. Damon’s humor this episode was coming through loud and clear. He reminded Alaric that the world did not stop just because he was a psycho killer. I admit, it was funny. Even though we hate to think of our beloved Alaric being a killer, Damon’s humor on it lightens the mood. Right in the middle of all the construction Damon saw Sage. When Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) asked who it was, Damon replied “a blast from the past”.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Damon at Wickery bridge


The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Sage

Damon and Sage have a warm conversation until Rebekah interrupted. Damon told Rebekah to be careful because Sage used to beat men for sport. Rebekah did not seem at all worried. Miss Claire Holte does such a wonderful job playing a vampire princess with absolutely no scruples. It is funny to watch her interact with Damon. I sense a little jealousy on her behalf when it comes to Sage.

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Rebekah at Wickery bridge

Rebekah asked Sage what she was doing in Mystic Falls and Sage let her know she was looking for Finn Mikaelsen (Casper Zafer). Rebekah said Finn had left town without telling anyone where he was going. Watching Rebekah rub it in a little was amusing to say the least.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Rebekah and Sage

Elena went to the Salvatore mansion without knowing that Stefan was home. She walked in on him making himself a drink or should I say bag of blood. Stefan told Elena there was no need for her to read the Gilbert book that he had found on Samantha because he could tell her what had happened. Samantha was admitted to an insane asylum where she tried to give herself a lobotomy with a knitting needle. Ouch! Is this the fate in store for Alaric? Let us hope not.


The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Stefan and Elena

While taking a stroll through the woods, Sage told Damon about her and Finn. She said Finn had turned her so they could be together forever. That was until Klaus daggered him and locked him in a coffin. It seemed Sage had been waiting all this time for him. Sage said that Rebekah and Klaus had always treated her like a common whore and she was hoping that Damon and her were not a couple. Damon told her it was only hate sex. Hate sex with Damon cannot be all that bad. I know of a few women that would want Damon to nibble on their necks.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Sage and Damon


Damon told Sage that Rebekah was looking for something he just had to figure out what it was.  She told Damon to get inside Rebekah’s head.  He reminded Sage that Rebekah was an original and that was near impossible to do.  Reminding him of everything she taught him, Sage told him that even though Rebekah was an original she was still just a girl.They could exploit her weakness and get inside her head. Come on now! This was Rebekah they were referring to. To me she is ruthless. Damon throws his charm on Rebekah and invites her back to his house for a party with him and Sage.


Caroline was trying to help Jamie with accepting his mom as a vampire. He was literally afraid of her. Also, he seemed frightened of Caroline. Elena called her to ask about Bonnie because she would not return any of her calls. Caroline told Elena that Bonnie was still angry with her. Elena desperately needed Bonnie’s help to try and reverse the spell on the ring.

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 caroline and Jamie

Meredith was alone with Alaric now. She did not seem a bit afraid of him even though she knew what he was capable of. Alaric revealed to Meredith that he was in fact the one that killed her cousin Logan Fell. Meredith did not seem concerned about the business of the vampires. She just wants to use their blood.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric and Meredith

Damon arrived home only to find Stefan drinking through half of the blood in their cooler. He had to remind Stefan of control. Whether it was a blonde or a blood bag. Stefan demanded that Damon leave his name out of conversation with Elena where Damon gladly agreed. Then he told Stefan unless he was interested in a Rebekah-Sage-sex sandwich he had to go.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 stefan and damon

Bonnie and Jamie were in the kitchen discussing his talk with Caroline when he told Bonnie that Abby had always been there for him. He told Bonnie he was going to be there for Abby and turned to make a fire. Abby walked in the room and he got up and hugged her telling her he was sorry and would be there for her. With Abby in transition it was hard for her to be so close to his neck without biting him. However, Bonnie saved him by knocking Abby back. His fear of her was confirmed.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Abbey and jamie

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Abbey bites jamie

Back at the Salvatore mansion Sage and Damon waited patiently for Rebekah to show up. Sage knew she would because of her need for attention and her fears of being alone. Rebekah showed up and asked where was the party. That was when the mood turned sexy! Damon dancing with Sage as Rebekah watched. Finally as the party came to an end and Rebekah was fast asleep Sage touched her face and saw what she was up to. Sage led Damon to the shower where she kissed him and revealed what Rebekah had been up to. There was a second tree out there that could be used to kill an original.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Rebekah joining party

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Damon and Sage dancing

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Sage and Damon in shower

Elena arrived home to find Stefan at her doorstep. She seemed less than happy to see him because of their exchange of words earlier in the episode. Stefan told the story of Samantha to Elena about killing the nurse and the guard. However, she was not wearing the ring. So even though Alaric took the ring off he was still a cold blooded killer.


Alaric woke up on Meredith’s couch and it was very noticeable that this was not the Alaric we have seen before. He emptied all the syringes of knock out drugs that Meredith had in her purse.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric

Rebekah left pleased and Damon had finished his research. Part of the white oak tree that could be used to kill an original was now part of the wickery bridge. It was not public knowledge so Damon was sure Rebekah could not find it. Damon made a promise to Sage that he would kill Rebekah and her and Finn could live happy.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Damon finds wickery oak

Elena and Stefan were looking through Alaric’s person stuff at his apartment to try and find something to clear his name. She felt responsible for Alaric since it was her family’s ring. Stefan opened a locked drawer and inside they found pictures of all the murder victims. Yikes! Our beloved Alaric was the psycho killer that Meredith thought he was. They found a package marked for Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen). Inside the letter said for Jeremy to carry on his work in case something happened to him because he had the other ring. Did this mean that Jeremy would suffer the same fate?

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric's pictures

Meredith was talking to Alaric in the kitchen when she realized that he was not the same guy. Alaric asked her did she feel remorse for turning her back on the vampires and not killing them when she should have because she was a council member. Barely escaping the knife Alaric was wielding, Meredith ran up the stairs and locked herself in the bathroom. Even though he cut her stomach with the knife, it appeared Meredith’s body was healing itself. What could she possibly be?

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric holding knife

Damon drove out to the Wickery bridge where he found Rebekah making a bonfire out of the wood. She apologized for ruining his plan and walked away. He turned around to find Sage standing there. She explained to him that she knew killing one original would kill them all. Damon vowed revenge on Sage. He told her that when he found a way to kill them he would start with Finn first.

The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Rebekah burning the bridge

Elena and Stefan raced back to the house to check on Meredith. They realized there had been a struggle. After questioning Elena about finding his ring he looked down to see the bloody knife on the living room floor. Elena had this fear in her eyes. Before Alaric could reach it though Stefan grabbed him from behind and put him in the sleeper hold. Stefan could smell blood coming from upstairs. He asked Elena to come up stairs and help him because he knew seeing all that would be hard for him to fight the urge to feed off of Meredith. Instead when they found her propped against the cabinet bleeding to death, Stefan offered her vampire blood to drink.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric wrapping his hand

Alaric woke to Damon sitting at his bed side. He seemed completely clueless of what had happened. Damon with his sense of humor told Alaric he had an alter ego hell bent on killing council members. Concerned at what had happened to Meredith, Damon assured him that she would be fine.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Alaric waking chained to bed

As the episode was coming to an end, Elena and Bonnie had a few moments to speak to one another. Bonnie had been mad at Elena ever since Damon turned her mom into a blood sucker. Bonnie gave Elena a bottle of herbs and told Elena that Alaric needed to take them twice a day for the spell she put on him to work. A spell that was supposed to keep the killer at bay. Elena apologized to Bonnie and told her if there was something she could do to make things different she would. Bonnie hugged her and told her everything was going to be ok.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Bonnie hugs Elena

Caroline and Jamie were in the garden planting flowers. Caroline could sense that Abby was awake. Going into the house Caroline found Abbey writing a goodbye letter to her children. Caroline begged her to stay for Bonnie’s sake but she just could not. Once again Abby was out of their lives.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Abbey says goodbye

Elena missed Jeremy and gave him a call. I have missed seeing him on the show. Steven R. McQueen is a very talented actor. Not to mention he is easy on the eyes. Elena was just making sure he was ok since he wore the other Gilbert ring. Which hopefully she will get back from him.

 The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Jeremy talks to Elena


The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Elena

Damon came home to find Stefan drinking. Stefan had actually not lost control and fed on Meredith. Instead he saved her life. Damon seemed happy for him but wanted to show him the sign he had gotten for the Wickery bridge that no one remembered was made out of the same white oak that Rebekah had earlier burned. The one thing Rebekah and Sage forgot was the sign. Damon told Stefan “let’s go kill some originals”. Excellent episode!


The Vampire Diaries S03x17 Wickery bridge sign


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