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This week’s episode “Bringing Out The Dead” was super exciting for me!  I have so much to go over about the Mikaelsen family.  Never a dull moment in the lives of the Mikaelsen siblings.  Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) returned this episode and Carolyn Forbes (Candice Accola) had to say goodbye to her father.  It was full of sad moments, touching moments and definitely some much needed revenge!

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On last week’s episode “The Ties That Bind” there was no shortage of family reunions. Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) actually got to find her mother Abby Bennett (Persia White).  Also, feeling guilty over biting Carolyn, Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) decided that he needed to bring Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman) back into town for a reunion with Carolyn.  

The best part of this episode was actually getting to see Klaus Mikaelsen’s (Joseph Morgan) face when he was faced with a reunion from Elijah Mikaelsen (Daniel Gillies).  Klaus went to the witches house to tell them that if he did not get his missing coffins that he would be forced to kill the Bennett family.  Let us face it, the witches hate Klaus almost as much as we do!  Tyler also tried to free himself from being sired by Klaus.  

That ended with him putting Bill in the hospital.  Tyler obviously wants Carolyn back.  There was quite a lot going on in last weeks episode!


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Bringing Out The Dead:

The episode opened up right where last weeks episode ended. Elijah ripped the heart out of Klaus’s  hybrid.  Nothing like a family reunion starting off with violence.  Honestly though, I could not blame Elijah for being super angry with Klaus. After all, Klaus did dagger him and his siblings.  Not to mention his own mother!  Klaus grabbed the dagger that was in Kol Mikaelsen (Nathaniel Buzolic) and almost put the dagger in Elijah.  Elijah reminded him that if he did he would have Kol to deal with.  

Klaus seemed very afraid of his family. I suppose he should be.  Klaus told Elijah that he killed Mikael Mikaelsen(Sebastian Rochewith his very own weapon. That got Elijah’s attention. He reminded Elijah of the promise he made to him. Klaus placed the dagger back in to Kol.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Klaus and Elijah fighting

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Klaus and Elijah

Ever since Aunt Jenna Gilbert (Sara Canning) passed away, Alaric Saltzman (Mathew Davis) had been drinking.  Alaric felt guilty about Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) seeing Dr. Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) the night before leaving. However, Elena assured Alaric that it did not bother her that he was moving on. It appeared Alaric whiskey dialed her at 2 am. Maybe there will be a relationship formed out of it. Personally, I would love to see Alaric with a new love interest. He has grieved way too long.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elena and Alaric

A little trivia about Dr. Meredith Fell who is played by the very talented Torrey DeVitto. Torrey DeVitto is actually married to Paul Wesley who plays Stefan Salvatore. They were married in April 2011. That is the second couple to appear on the show together. Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon Salvatore and Nina Dobrev who plays Elena Gilbert and Catherine Pierce.

 Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto

Liz Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) showed up at the Gilbert house to have an unconventional conversation with Alaric and Elena. The night of the Wickery Bridge fundraiser Bryan Walters (David Colin Smith) the medical examiner was murdered. It appeared someone had drove a stake through his heart. When examining the stake Alaric told her it was one of theirs.

The only prints found on the stake were Elena’s. Elena called Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) to tell about the stake and Damon suggested that Alaric find out if Meredith had access to the weapons. Elena stated that it was not Meredith because she refused to believe that Alaric’s luck with women was not that bad.

Damon suggested that it was Klaus. Elena asked if could be Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) which made Damon reply “it makes me nostalgic for the time when Stefan was a bunny-snacking pacifist”. I love it! The roles have changed between the Salvatore brothers. It is interesting to see whether or not they leave Damon the good brother who does not feed off of humans.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elena and Liz Forbes

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elena and Damon on phone

Elijah and Damon met up to discuss the note that Damon had left in Elijah’s pocket. It read “Dear Elijah, let’s get together about the destruction of your brother, xoxo Damon”. It was very funny of Damon to put the xoxo in his note. Damon knew that whatever was in the sealed coffin could kill Klaus so he asked Elijah what it could be. I have a feeling I know “who” it could be. Let us hope by the end of the episode we find out.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Damon and Elijah

Stefan took Abby and Bonnie to the cave where the sealed coffin was hidden. Obviously, Abby was the secret to getting the coffin unlocked. She argued that she did not have any powers to open the coffin but Stefan refused to believe it. When Stefan left the cave he ran into Elena. Elena was looking for him to ask him if he was the one that killed the medical examiner. Stefan seemed very hurt that Elena asked him that but with his erratic behavior who could blame her. It seemed Stefan was still hurt over the fact that Elena kissed Damon because he asked her why she had not asked Damon if he had killed anyone lately and then abruptly left her standing there.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Bonnie and Stefan in cave with coffin

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elena and Stefan talking

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Stefan walking away from Elena

Dr. Meredith Fell talked to Carolyn  about her dad, Bill . Dr. Fell told Carolyn that Bill had been very ungrateful and had spent half the night threatening to try and have her medical license revoked. Carolyn had to explain to her that her dad had spent half his life hating vampires so he was a little upset that it was vampire blood that saved him. Carolyn was confused about her father not calling her after his discharge papers had been signed the night before. Meredith told Carolyn it must be horrible that her dad hated the one thing she had become. Carolyn was surprised that Meredith knew she was a vampire but she assured Carolyn out of medical disclosure she made it her business to find out who the vampires in town were.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Carolyn speaking with Meredith

Carolyn told Elena that she liked Meredith she just thought she was a little intense. Carolyn thought it was sweet that Elena wanted to make sure Alaric was not dating a total psycho. Elena told Carolyn that Alaric was family and she wanted to look out for him. Alaric has stepped in as a parent figure for both Elena and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen).  Carolyn tried calling her dad and she could hear his phone ringing from inside the hospital. They track it to a supply closet where Carolyn walks in and finds her dad stabbed. Carolyn pulled the dagger out of her dad begging him not to be dead. Elena reminded her that he had vampire blood in him and then he opened his eyes.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Carolyn finds her father stabbed

Bonnie and Abby are in the cave discussing the Mikaelsen family history. She told Abby that it was about a mother that loved her children so much she was afraid of losing them so she turned them into vampires. Bonnie struggles with the fact her mother abandoned her. I hope that the writers create a relationship between Bonnie and Abby because Bonnie has no family since her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, who was played by the very talented Jasmine Guy, passed away.

Bonnie found a missing page in the book and asked Abby what the page was. Abby explained that it was a spell she used to seal Mikael in his coffin and that she had tore the page out and burned it. Bonnie believed there was nothing in the book that could help them open the coffin but Abby noticed a blood knot on the side of one of the pages. It meant that it would take two generations of witches to use the spell and it would unbind the original.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Bonnie and Abby

Damon and Stefan head over to Klaus’s house where Damon and Elijah set up a sit down with Stefan and Klaus. Damon was hoping that it would give Bonnie and Abby enough time to open the coffin so whatever or whoever was in it could kill Klaus. Damon believed that taking the dagger out of Elijah was the smartest thing that he could have done because Klaus had daggered Elijah so he surely would want Klaus dead.

Stefan believed that Elijah could not be trusted because he had betrayed them before. Damon reminded Stefan with the way he had been acting he trusted Elijah about as much as he trusted Stefan. Ouch! Coming from your own brother that has to hurt. Stefan said that trust goes both ways. Seemed Stefan was still angry over Damon kissing Elena.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Damon and Stefan

Carolyn compelled the nurses at the hospital to stay out of the room that her father was in. Since Bill was in transition he was very hungry. He could smell blood everywhere and wanted to leave the hospital. Carolyn told him he had to feed but Bill refused. He did not want to become a vampire. Bill had made his mind up that he wanted to die. He could not see becoming the one thing that he hated the most.

Carolyn had trouble dealing with that. Letting her father die was probably going to be the hardest thing she has had to do. Elena assured her that things would be okay. Elena could understand what Carolyn was going through because she had lost both her parents and her Aunt Jena. Also, she had sent Jeremy away from Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Bill Forbes

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Carolyn talking to her father

Back at the Gilbert house, Alaric was taking inventory of his arsenal of weapons. Elena had stolen the dagger from the crime scene where Bill Forbes was stabbed. It was a match to Alaric’s weapons. He believed that it was Meredith that took the dagger out of the house. The stake that was used to kill the medical examiner was the stake that was in Damon’s car at the Wickery fundraiser which Meredith also attended. Alaric believed they would be idiots to ignore all the facts stacking up against Meredith so he suggested they get the dagger that was pulled from Bill to Liz so she can question Meredith.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Alaric and his arsenal

Stefan and Damon show up at Klaus’s house to dine with him and Elijah. At this point I was not really sure what plan Elijah and Damon had come up with. It left me on the edge of my seat! The brothers were finding it very hard to get along. Klaus was under the assumption the whole time that he had the upper hand. Elijah reassured Klaus that it was family before all. Stefan looked at Damon with worry in his eyes.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Salvatore brothers meet Klaus

Bonnie and Abby were trying the spell to see if they could unlock the coffin. Feeling that Abby was not putting everything she had into it, Bonnie told her to try harder. Abby had to reach deep inside herself to find her power. Abby told Bonnie that the spirits were angry at her for leaving Bonnie. However, Bonnie assured her that the spirits were giving her those dreams for a reason. They wanted her to find Abby. Bonnie and Abby tried the spell again and it almost worked. Bonnie left to call Damon to let him know that they almost had the coffin open. With Abby alone in the cave the coffin opened!

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Bonnie and Abby doing spell

While we were waiting to see who came out of the coffin, the dinner with the Mikaelsen and Salvatore brothers was not going very well. Klaus told Damon and Stefan a story of how him and Elijah both were in love with the same girl. Things did not turn out well. Klaus told them both that the best thing for Elena was for the both of them to leave her alone. Let her move on with someone like Matt Donovan.

Of course the Salvatore brothers both knew that the only reason Klaus wanted Elena to marry a human was so she could have children who could carry on the Petrova bloodline. Elijah and Damon stepped out to leave Klaus and Stefan to exchange words with each other. The only thing that came out of it was Klaus feeding on a young girl and killing her.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Salvatore brothers dine with Klaus and Elijah

Matt walked Elena home and when they entered the house Elena noticed all the blood everywhere. Scared of who might be in the house both picked up a nice and followed the blood trail. When they arrived at the top of the stairs they found Alaric stabbed and covered in blood. He was dying. Alaric told Elena that he did not know who had stabbed him. Elena noticed that he had his ring on. She knew that if he died a supernatural death that he would come back.

Elena picked up the knife and Matt immediately freaked out. She explained that it was the only chance Alaric had. Elena was the doppelganger so if she killed him he would come back. So she stabbed Alaric in the heart. Matt consoled Elena while she cried. She told Matt that Alaric was family and she could not stand losing another family member. Alaric awoke!

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Matt walks Elena home

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Matt and Elena find blood

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elena kills Alaric

Klaus offered Elena’s safety for as long as she was alive if Damon and Stefan returned the locked coffin to Klaus. Stefan stood up and walked over to Klaus. The look on Damon’s face! He thought his brother was fixing to betray him again. When Stefan took Klaus’s hand he told him “nice try, no deal”. This angered Klaus and he put Stefan’s hand into the fireplace and was burning him. He ordered Damon to go get the coffin before he burned Stefan alive. Klaus asked Elijah to go with him and when he got back he would make good on his promise and hand him his family back.

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Klaus making deal with Stefan

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Klaus burning Stefan

Back at the Forbes house, Carolyn was begging her father to live for her. Bill held Carolyn and told her that this was what life was about. Living and dying. He did not want to become a vampire. He chose to die instead of becoming what he hated the most. Bill told her he was so proud of her and she grew up to be exactly the young lady he thought she would be. Very touching moments between Carolyn and her father. I believe it was words that Carolyn needed to hear before her father died. She had her mother Liz there to support her.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Carolyn asking her dad to live

Klaus let Stefan’s hand out of the fire after Damon and Elijah left. Klaus really thought at this point that he was going to get what he wanted. Damon and Elijah walk back into the room. Confused, Klaus asked him what he was doing back. Elijah showed Klaus the daggers and Klaus asked him what he had done. If the daggers were there then they were not in the originals. Elijah told Klaus that he had learned not to trust his vulgar promises.

In walked Kol Mikaelsen. Shocked, Klaus backed up. Suddenly Finn Mikaelsen (Caspar Zafer) came in and stabbed a dagger through Klaus’s hand. When Klaus turned Rebekah Mikaelsen (Claire Holt) was there to stab him in the stomach and told him “this is for our mother”. Klaus swore to make them all suffer. Elijah told the Salvatore brothers to leave because it was now family business.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Elijah returns to surprise Klaus

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Klaus's younger brother

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Finn stabs Klaus in hand

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Rebekah stabs Klaus

As the episode was coming to an end, Carolyn had to say goodbye to her father. Elena saved Alaric and the Salvatore brothers confessed to each other their love for Elena. I am excited to see how the writers play out which brother Elena will end up. If either. Liz called and told Elena that Meredith had been in surgery for six hours and there was no way she could have stabbed Alaric. Who could it be?

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Damon telling Stefan he loves Elena

Returning to the cave, Stefan and Damon discover the coffin open with no body inside.

 The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Stefan and Damon find Bonnie

At Klaus’s, his siblings are questioning him on why he did what he did. He told them he was building that house for them to be together as a family again. It appeared they were not interested in hearing what he had to say. They planned on leaving Klaus there alone for the rest of his life. They would remain a family without him.

As they turned to walk out the door opened. It was Esther Mikaelsen (Alice Evans)! Klaus’s mother. All of them were shocked. Esther asked Klaus if he knew why she was there and he said “to kill me”. Esther told Klaus she was there to forgive him. This surprised Klaus. However, that was not surprising to me because that was all Esther wanted from the beginning of all of that. She wanted them all to be a family. So now we have a new family in Mystic Falls. The Mikaelsens!

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Niklaus's siblings

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Esther confronts Niklaus

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Esther forgives Niklaus


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