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This weeks episode, Dangerous Liaisons, was awesome!  We saw the possibilities of new couples and some betrayal that completely shocked me.  

The Vampire Diaries “Dangerous Liaisons” sets itself aside as the best episode of the season.  With the Mikaelson ball, we were reminded of just how beautiful the cast of The Vampire Diaries really are!

The next episode “All My Children” this Thursday February 16, 2012 portends further treacherous business in Mystic Falls as The CW Network shared recently in their new extended promotional trailer included for your enjoyment!

Dangerous Liaisons:

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Dangerous Liaisons Mikaelsen Ball

The Vampire Diaries S3 Promo banner

In last weeks episode, Bringing Out The Dead, Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and her mother, Abby Bennett (Persia White), were working on a spell together to open the sealed coffin of someone that was able to kill Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).  The Salvatore brothers, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), went to Klaus’s home to discuss the coffins that Stefan had stolen and hidden from Klaus.  

For a moment it looked as if Elijah Mikaelson (Daniel Gillies) would once again betray Damon’s plans to kill Klaus but at the end Elijah showed his true alliance.  With all the daggers being removed from the originals odds were Klaus was going to be killed if the sealed coffin were opened.  Bonnie and Abby managed to open the coffin and at the end of the episode we learned that Esther Mikaelson (Alice Evans), Klaus’s mother, was the one in the coffin.  Klaus was sure she was there to kill him.  However, Esther told all her children that she was there to bring them back together as a family.

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Niklaus's siblings

The Vampire Diaries S3x13 Esther forgives Niklaus

Our episode starts off with Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) at the hospital with Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis).  He had to stay the night at the hospital but Elena promised him to change the locks on the house.  Matt and Elena were surprised at how well Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) was dealing with the death of her father.  I am sure in a future episode they will address the issues Caroline will face by the death of her father, Bill Forbes (Jack Coleman).

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Matt and Elena

Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt) decided it was time for payback and stopped Elena as soon as Matt left.  It was bound to happen.  Elena did put a dagger in Rebekah’s back.  Elijah showed up just before Rebekah made a snack out of Elena and stopped her.  Of course, Rebekah called them both cowards and left.  Elijah has been one of my favorite characters since he first came to Mystic Falls.  It seemed that he had plans for Elena.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena hits something in road

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Rebekah and Elena

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elijah and Elena

Elena filled Damon and Stefan in on what Elijah had told her about Esther’s plans.  Elijah had told Elena that Esther wanted to live with her family in peace.  That included Klaus.  Esther had forgiven Klaus in “Bringing Out The Dead”.  Damon felt as if Elijah had used them in some way.  Elijah had promised Elena that no one in his family would harm them and she said she trusted him.  Esther had put together a ball for the town to come to and get to know her family.  She felt it was time her and Elena finally met.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena and the Salvatore brothers

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Mikaelson invitation

It was very interesting to see how the Mikaelsen siblings interacted in “Dangerous Liaisons”.  In last week’s episode “Bringing Out The Dead”, each of them had a stab at Klaus.  Pardon the pun.  Klaus seemed very frustrated that Rebekah had the nerve to attack Elena or even go anywhere near her.  

With Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) in Mystic Falls, his big attitude makes Klaus look tame.  Seemed as if Kol is stuck on himself.  Esther seemed to be a peace keeper as she called Klaus to the next room and explained to him that he did put daggers in his siblings hearts.  Esther told Elijah to give his siblings time for their relationship to heal.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Klaus and Kol

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Klaus and Esther

This season Stefan has been evil and non caring when it came to Elena.  Damon, who used to be the evil brother has now shown his good side.  Elena discussed taking Esther up on her invitation and going to the ball but Damon did not want her to go.  Stefan suggested it was a good idea.  Damon said “Can we go back in time to the old Stefan, the one who cared if Elena lived or died?”  Damon decided that Elena could not protect herself and Stefan had pissed off enough originals to last a life time so it was him that needed to go and find out what it was that Esther wanted.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena Stefan and Damon

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon takes Elena's invitation

Caroline finally got a call from Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino).  In the voice mail Tyler said that he was doing what Caroline wanted him to do.  He was going to fix himself and then come home to her.  A knock at the door jarred her back to reality and it was a box.  Caroline opened the box to find an invitation from Klaus saying “save me a dance” and a beautiful dress.  A side of Klaus we have yet to see.  Maybe when Tyler comes back to town, Caroline would have moved on with Klaus.  By the end of the episode Caroline was calling Tyler telling him she missed him and wanted him to come home.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Klaus sends invitation to Caroline

Caroline and Elena were discussing the dance that the Mikaelson’s were having.  Caroline thought it was a weird kind of Cinderella fetish.  Elena knew that Esther was up to something and she wanted to find out what it was. She wanted Caroline to be her bodyguard because Stefan’s mindset was on Klaus and Damon was too worried something would happen to her.  

Caroline assured her a Salvatore would look better in a tuxedo but Elena insisted she did not want to deal with them at the moment.  Elena said things had gotten weird since she kissed Damon.  Which Caroline was upset she heard it from Bonnie and not Elena herself.  Rebekah showed up just in time to invite Matt to the dance.  It was apparent she was doing it to bother Caroline and Elena.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline and Elena

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Rebekah invites Matt to the ball

Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters) showed up at the dance to show her support to the Mikaelson family who has told her that they want to live in peace in Mystic Falls.  Damon told Carol that he was not so sure that was the intentions of the Mikaelson family.  Kol approached Carol and introduced himself.  When Damon introduced himself to Kol, he acted as if he did not like or know who Damon was.  When Damon turned he saw Elena walk in.  

The beautiful Miss Nina Dobrev looked stunning in her dress for the dance in “Dangerous Liaisons”.  Not to mention Damon did not look too bad himself.  Stefan greeted Elena at the door and Damon told her she was not supposed to be there.  Elena was hell bent on finding out what it was that Esther wanted from her so she walked into the room with both Salvatore brothers on her arm.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Carol Lockwood

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Carol Lockwood meets Kol

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena walks arm in arm with Salvatore brothers

Caroline decided to go to the dance and meet Klaus.  Klaus looked very happy that Caroline showed up.  Candice Accola looked stunning in her gown.  Klaus tried to talk to her but all she said to him was she needed a drink.  Elena was getting champagne when Finn Mikaelson (Casper Zafer) introduced himself to her and said that if she wanted to speak to Esther she had to go on her own.  Elijah gathered everyone at the staircase and welcomed them into their home.  He wanted everyone to go to the ballroom and dance.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline enters dance

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena meets Finn

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elijah welcomes everyone to ball

This part of the episode I loved.  There were so many couples dancing that could potentially be a relationship in future episodes.  Elena danced with Damon and Stefan.  No surprise there.  Klaus and Caroline were dancing.  Klaus seemed to be completely into Caroline and what she had to say.  Rebekah was dancing with Matt whom she had invited.  Caroline was shooting daggers through Rebekah the whole time.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon and Elena dancing

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Stefan and Elena

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline and Klaus

Elena and Stefan went outside to talk.  Elena told Stefan she needed his help getting away from Damon so she could meet up with Esther.  Stefan agreed to help her because he knew she could take care of herself.  Elena text Damon to meet her and when he entered the room Stefan grabbed him and broke his back.  I was completely shocked when this happened.  It almost felt like betrayal on Elena’s part.  However, it gave her the time she needed to get away and talk to Esther. 

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena and Stefan ambush Damon

Elijah stopped Elena on her way to meet with Esther and asked her if she would let him know what exactly it was that Esther wanted.  Elijah thought that her forgiving Klaus so easily after he ripped out her heart was kind of odd.  Elena told Elijah that she would let him know what it was that Esther wanted.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elijah asks Elena to let him know what Esther wants

Elena found Esther’s room and knocked on the door.  When she entered, Esther was burning sage and finn had a dagger in his hand.  Enough to scare anyone!  Esther told Elena she spelled the sage so she could speak freely without being overheard.  Esther explained to Elena that it was a witch that had preserved her body when she had died.   She said the only way to kill Klaus was to preform a ritual using a drop of Elena’s blood.  Just to be rid of Klaus, Elena agreed.  

Esther then cut Elena’s finger and dropped some of her blood into some champagne where all her children would drink when a toast was made by Esther during the ball.  Esther then explained to Elena that all her children were linked and when Klaus died they would all die.  Would Elena had agreed to it if she had known it would kill Elijah?  She told Esther that she would not reveal to Elijah what her plans were.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena and Esther

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena and Esther using Elena's blood

Caroline walked outside for some fresh air and to look at the horse and carriage.  Klaus came out and found her there.  Klaus and Caroline both found out that they had a love for horses and suffered from dadddy issues.  Caroline told Klaus that she had let her father go without regret and that maybe he should do the same thing.  Elijah told Caroline that he was quite smitten with her.  He gave her several compliments which surprised Caroline.  Maybe there will be a future romance in store for these two characters.  What will happen when Tyler returns?

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline and Klaus by carriage

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline and Klaus speak of their fathers

Rebekah lured Matt outside so her and Kol could kill him.  That was Rebekah’s way of getting to Elena since she could not get Elena herself.  Matt realized it was very cold and got his coat and put around Rebekah.  It was this act of kindness that got to Rebekah.  She changed her mind on killing Matt.  Maybe this is a relationship in the making.   They would definitely make a gorgeous couple.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Matt and Rebekah

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Matt giving Rebekah his coat

When Elena came back into the ballroom Elijah asked her what it was his mother wanted with her.  Elena told him that she just wanted to apologize for almost having her killed.  Elijah was shocked that his mother had actually forgiven Klaus but he believed Elena.  Esther made her toast and stated she loved her family and asked everyone to drink.  Each of her children drank from the champagne.  I thought for sure that Elena would stop Elijah from drinking but she let him.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elijah asking Elena what Esther wanted

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Esther giving her toast

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Klaus drinking champagne

Klaus took Caroline to a room full of his paintings.  She was shocked to see this side of Klaus. He told her how beautiful she was and that he would take her anywhere she wanted to go.  If she wanted to go to Paris  or Tokyo he would take her.  At first Caroline was flattered by his words but that soon changed when she thought of Tyler and his connection to Klaus. She asked Klaus to let him go and he asked her to leave.  Caroline assumed that because Klaus’s father did not love him he was afraid no one else would either.  Joseph Morgan can go from this beautiful smile to an evil look in an instant.  He is a very talented actor!

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Klaus shows Caroline his passion for paintings

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Caroline upsets Klaus

Damon caught up with Elena and told her that it was time to leave.  I know he felt betrayed because Elena had Stefan do what he did to Damon.  Elena hurt Damon by telling him the problem was he cared too much. By the time she wanted to take it back, the damage had been done.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon catches up to Elena

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon hurt by Elena

Matt was walking and heard someone call his name from the balcony.  When he went out there he did not see anyone.  When he turned around there was Kol.  Obviously Kol was not going to listen to Rebekah and send a strong message to Matt.  However, before Kol could do any real damage to Matt, a very pissed off Damon showed up and pushed Kol off the balcony.  Everyone to include Elena stood there staring at Damon.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon throws Kol over balcony

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena staring at Damon

Esther was very angry at Rebekah and Kol for disgracing their family the night of the ball.  They are the youngest of the originals.  Maybe it is just childish behavior from them both.  Elijah assured Esther that it would not happen again.  Esther put her hand on Elijah’s face and told him thank you and that she wished the others were just like him.  How can Esther love her children so much yet want to kill them?

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elijah and Esther

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Esther and Elijah

Coming to the end of the episode, Stefan walked Elena home.  He questioned her about Damon where she said he was being self destructive because she said something she should not have.  Stefan told Elena he also had said something he should not have.  What felt like was going to be a reuniting moment between the two, Stefan told Elena that every time he cared all he felt was pain.

Rebekah found Matt at the grill and Matt basically told Rebekah to just leave him alone.  Feeling rejected she took a drink that Damon offered her.  With that drink came some advice that maybe Rebekah should find someone more durable.  The episode ended with a hot scene of Damon and Rebekah making out.

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Elena begs Stefan to show he cares

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Matt at grill with Rebekah

The Vampire Diaries S3x14 Damon and Rebekah making out

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