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Exclusive Images and Interview: Kenny Johnson Creator of V and New VMovie!

Hey V Fans, During our recent journey to cover Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego we fortunate not only enough to interview the creators of DMAN and KYLE YOUNGBLOOD, just subsequent to Comic-Con, WHR staff was contacted by Ms. Patricia A. Beninati of Centerboro Productions with another surprise. Get over to Hollywood with our HD video cameras and immediately interview Mr. Kenneth C. Johnson for the purpose of discussing a new …Read the Rest

WonderCon: The Sorcerers Apprentice Panel with Extended Trailers!

Hey Sorcerers Apprentice, Nicholas Cage and Disney Fans! Tonight we have a special treat for you in advance of the premiere of Disney Studios release on July 14, 2010 of the long awaited and fantastic new movie The Sorcerers Apprentice! WHR was fortunate enough to witness the fantastic panel with the two of the creators and three of the main stars at their panel in San Francisco during WonderCon 2010 …Read the Rest

WormholeRiders Gate to NDB Media for Twilight’s Justin Chon Interview!

Hey Twilight Fans! Well it’s all true! Today is the day and so is July 12, 2010! What day you say? Monday July 12, 2010 7 PM Pa cific time is the day and time that Justin Chon of the Twilight series will be LIVE on the NDB Media Gro up radio show! And that is not all! Our wonderful Twilight experts OffWorldTravelr, SciFiFanGirl616 and I have been invited to …Read the Rest

Twilight Eclipse Featurette: The Alliance!

Hey Twilight Fans! Here is a special Twilight Eclipse treat courtesy of Summit Entertainment “The Alliance”. Enjoy! Best Regards, Kenn Click the image below or link to view Twilight Eclipse extended sneak peaks!

Extended Twilight Eclipse Nine Minute Sneak Peak!

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment click the Twilight Eclipse poster below and watch a nine minute extended sneak peak of the Twilight Eclipse movie that opens on June 30, 2010! Best Regards, Kenn

Twilight Eclipse Featurette: Introducing Bree (Jodelle Ferland) of Stargate!

Many of you visiting the new “Movie Magic” WHR news site also are from our television episodic news site at WHR Dot Com. Today we have a very Special Project and a treat for you the Stargate fans who will remember Jodelle Ferland! Jodelle who? Of course you remember her! as theĀ  Jodelle is the very talented young actress who portrayed a young Adria in Stargate SG-1 season 9 and …Read the Rest

Welcome to WHR Movie Magic News Site!

Welcome to the new WHR Movie Magic Site. Here you will find detailed reviews and analysis in the same fashion as you have expected at WormholeRiders News Agency original news site and our reporting team about television episodic series “As The Wormhole Turns”. At WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR) Movie Magic, there will be movie convention news, movie and music reviews and the ingredient magic that makes them special! We look …Read the Rest

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