Deadlist Warrior Rides Wormhole from Spiked Living Rooms to Paramount Big Screens Worldwide

Hey Spike TV and Paramount Studios Fans, Are you fan of history? Do you love movies? Do you have a favorite warrior but are longing for witnessing a battle on the big screen? Well have no fear, something awesome is about to happen because the wonderful people over at Paramount Pictures have teamed up with the awesome folks at Spike TV to make Deadliest Warrior the Movie! Courtesy of Paramount …Read the Rest

Dowling, Katenzenberg and Cookson Introduces the World to Advances Unsurpassed in Entertainment History at 3D Summit!

The 3D Entertainment Summit is definitely is an event that denotes a change of a wonderful nature that will truly revolutionize the way we live! Since the blockbuster AVATAR burst upon the world in 2009 almost everyone knows about the impact that of the rebirth of Three Dimensional (3D) entertainment. What few people realize is that 3D will also transform the sports, music, home entertainment, desktop, mobile computing and the …Read the Rest

Examining From All Points of View, 3D Summit Sets Record Attendance for Executive Level Event!

Well folks the 3D Entertainment Summit is definitely a phenomena and the event has not even started! OMG! Beginning in less than 35 hours on September 15, 2010 at 8:30 AM, the 3D Entertainment Summit will be rocking the California South land with record attendance at the landmark two day event! Below the video please find the latest Press Release update on the event that is certainly destined to make entertainment …Read the Rest

Windfall at TIFF: Is An Oncoming Train the Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Hey Indie Film Fans! Planned on being at the Toronto International Film Festival but you cannot get off work to attend the 11 day event featuring some 300 outstanding Indie films? Well no worries! With our thanks and courtesy of the wonderful team at Brigade Marketing New York City, WormholeRiders News Agency is pleased to bring you a sneak peak of a great new Indie film that premieres tonight September …Read the Rest

Indie Film Projects Funded Online Gain Respectable Status Aided by Harmony Korine!

Hey Indie Film Project Fans, Many have contacted WormholeRiders News Agency about using the Internet to raise money legitimately to fund their favorite film projects. Unfortunately many such efforts fail. Why? Because they are often focused on a single celebrity rather than taking a larger view of what needs to be accomplished from a business perspective to make such laudable film making goals goals become reality. Today, with thanks to …Read the Rest

Yep, Vampires Suck

Greetings, Movie Fans! Okay, I expected Vampires Suck to be bad.  That is kind of the point of a spoof movie, isn’t it? To poke fun at a popular film genre while making fun of itself with over-the-top performances?  And believe me, I am no film snob. I like a dumb movie as much as the next girl, but you have to give me something to laugh at. What follows are my own thoughts about …Read the Rest

Transparency (a.k.a. Takedown) At Oldenburg International Film Festival

Welcome back Transparency fans! Having made its successful world premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival to much critical acclaim, Transparency (known as Takedown in Europe) will appear at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany on September 17, 2010. It has been confirmed that Deborah Kara Unger (Angel and the Badman, Highlander), one of the stars of the film, will be there. The Oldenburg International Film Festival started in …Read the Rest

ESPN’s Bryan Burns Added to Keynote at Awesome Third Annual 3D Entertainment Summit™ in association with Variety!

Well Hiya 3D Entertainment fans! Yes it is 100% true! Your long wait is nearly over! UPDATE: Dateline – August 31, 2010 – Bryan Burns of ESPN to support 3D and deliver Keynote speech at 3D Summit by announcing their support with ESPN 3D! See new press release update below. Coming in but a few short days on September 16-16 2010 is the fantastic 3D Entertainment Summit convention! This wonderful …Read the Rest

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