Movies MANDRAKE, SHARKTOPUS, Stephen King Marathon and Josh Gates from Comic-Con!

Well SyFy Fans … Hold on to your hats and warm up those DVR’s! Our good friends at SyFy have some fun plans for you in the coming weeks with two new movies and a holiday viewing schedule to burn several hundreds of gigabytes of disk space on your DVR’s! Don’t have enough space? Well that’s NO PROBLEM! We respectfully suggest that you simply delete all of last seasons saves, …Read the Rest

Review: The Expendables – “They Were Expendable” or Were They?

With “The Expendables,” Sylvester Stallone has delivered another highly entertaining action film.  Stallone co-wrote, directed and stars as the leader of a group of very tough and resourceful mercenaries with a contract to assassinate the dictatorial leader of a small South American country. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * What follows are my own thoughts about the movie. I have made an …Read the Rest

Horror Fans Beware! Adam Green’s “HATCHET II” with Tony Todd of Stargate Will Chop You Up Before Halloween!

Hey Horror Fans! You really better get ready to hide all that you hold dear this coming October 01, 2010 all the way through Halloween! HATCHET II is coming your way courtesy of AMC Theaters and it will surely rip its way into your life if you are not careful! HATCHETT II Featuring a star studded cast including the fantastic actor Tony Todd of Stargate SG-1, Chuck and “24” fame. …Read the Rest

Timeless Masterpiece Apocalype Now! Returns on Blue-Ray High Definition Extended Editions!

Hey Lionsgate and Francis Ford Coppola Fans, The long wait for Apocalypse Now fans is almost over! On October 19, 2010, Lionsgate films will release the long awaited Blu-Ray versions of this historic 1979 film made by Francis Ford Coppola featuring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Harrison Ford, Sam Bottoms, Albert Hall, Dennis Hopper, Frederic Forrest, Scott Glenn, J.D. Spradlin, and a very young Laurence Fishburne in one of …Read the Rest

Review: Are We Bourne for SALT?

Greetings Movie Fans! After a two-year hiatus, Angelina Jolie is back on the big screen with Salt, another action-packed thriller.   I was über-excited to see Salt.  Like most of the world, I am a big Angelina fan and can be counted on to run right out to the theater to see her in just about anything.  Never mind that she plays the same two characters over and over again (mostly some …Read the Rest

Inception Review

Greetings Movie Fans! With so many other things taking my time and attention, I somehow managed to let several weeks go by without a visit to any of my local movie theatres. Shocking, right? I was definitely missing it–and worried that some of the things that I really wanted to see might soon be making way for new releases. So I made time to see five movies in ten days, …Read the Rest

Watch Your Backs: Coming to Get You Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker Extended RED Trailers plus Comic-Con Images!

Hey Summit Entertainment Fans! Trust me, if you loved when Summit Entertainment productions released Twilight, well I can assure you that you will love Summit Entertainments RED as well when it comes to a theater near you this October 15, 2010. Under the guidance of the wonderful team over at Summit Entertainment, RED is sure to be a fall block-buster this weekend! I mean come on, with the fabulously gifted …Read the Rest

Disney’s TRON Legacy Panel with Special Images and Video Trailer!

Hello Tron Fans, Images from the convention used herein where taken by an outstanding digital photographer, Jeremy Myers! We thank him for his fine work at Comic-Con 2010! All other images from TRON Legacy are courtesy of Disney Studios. During Comic Con 2010 WHR  was fortunate enough to have the honor of being in attendance at the  TRON Legacy Panel! TRON is the award winning Disney movie franchise coming back …Read the Rest

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