Goa’uld Teal’c Harkens Arrival! Register for Hollywood Treasure at Charity Auction 42!

Hello again rare memorabilia fans, On November 06, 2010 something wonderful will happen, Hollywood Auction 42! It all began (and has continued since) October 27, 2010  when something fun and exciting occurred: “Hollywood Treasure“, a new program aired on SyFy! “Hollywood Treasure” is a reality based program focusing on the adventurous journeys of Profiles in History’s Joe Maddelana (below) and his relentless team of entertainment memorabilia detectives! Hollywood Treasure is …Read the Rest

A Creative Powerhouse: EVENT Cinemas, ‘The Art of District 9′ with Weta Workshop NZ

Calling all special effects and film fans! A HUGE and heartfelt ‘thank you’ is extended to EVENT Cinemas Ltd of New Zealand, and Weta Workshop, for being wonderfully warm hosts and enabling their admirers to witness and experience the amazing work of Weta up close. EVENT Cinemas Ltd together with Weta Workshop recently hosted ‘The Art of District 9’, a small event held at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington to …Read the Rest

Yikes! “Needle” Halloween SciFi Horror Film to Poke Jane Badler Well Before Anna of V Series Does!

Hello Science Fiction Horror and Thriller Fans! With all our thanks to Ms. Jane Badler and Ms. Alice Badler whom provided Wormholeriders News Agency a heads up during a recent interview with the Badler Sisters when both ladies discussed a wonderful new film called Needle. Needle is a new film produced in Australia by Nexus6Films, distributed by Lightning Entertainment and created by Filmscope Entertainment. Needle features a great ensemble cast …Read the Rest

Video Press Release: “Hollywood Treasure” on October 27, 2010 Teams SyFy, Profiles in History and You THE COLLECTOR!

Hello rare memorabilia fans, Beginning in two weeks from tonight on October 27, 2010 something wonderful and exciting will be happening! “Hollywood Treasure” a new program will be airing on SyFy! Hollywood Treasure is a reality based program and is something most, if not all movie and television fans should enjoy! The Profiles in History Team , several whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, will search planet Earth …Read the Rest

Hollywood Treasure Press Release: Profiles in History Hollywood Charity Auction 42

Hello again science fiction Hollywood Treasure charity auction fans, Hold on to your “Back to the Future” Delorean time machines, Stargate, Caprica Cylon Centurian, or Tron Identity Disks! With all thanks to Profiles in History, Variety and Universal Studios, a wonderful charity event is about to occur and WormholeRiders News Agency will be there to bring you live coverage of the happenings! Of what do we speak? A charity auction …Read the Rest

Sharktopus Gobbles Up the Ratings and Anything Else in Range! CHOMP!

Hey SyFy Saturday Movie and Roger Corman Fans! This is precisely what we here at WHR expected! A smashing success for one of the best Saturday movies on SyFy EVER! Last Saturday evening SyFy presented a wonderful movie created by the legendary Roger Corman … SHARKTOPUS! I myself watched the movie several times on both the east and west coast SyFy channels with my 85 year old WW 2 veteran …Read the Rest

3D Summit Rocks World, Shyamalan Shares 3D Motivations, including 3D Summit Technology Interviews!

Hello again 3D Movie, Television, Gaming and Mobile Fans! We thank the event producers for inviting WormholeRiders News Agency to their executive level conference. The 3D Entertainment Summit was one of the most exciting events we have covered in 2010 with industry titans revealing the future of 3D in virtually every aspect of our recreational, educational and everyday lives! Of interest is the future of education whereby learning will be …Read the Rest

Yay! It’s A “Bran Nue Dae”

Greetings Movie Fans! Australian writer/director Rachel Perkins (Radiance, One Night the Moon), Robyn Kershaw Productions and Roadshow Films have brought us Bran Nue Dae, a film adaptation of the stage musical by Jimmy Chi.  Set in Broome and Perth, Australia in 1969, Bran Nue Dae is the story of an aboriginal boy named Willie, and his journey home after running away from a Catholic boarding school.  This lighthearted, joyful film took …Read the Rest

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