Wasted Opportunities – The Case of Adrianna Tate-Duncan

Okay, I’ll admit it: I got sucked into the world of teenage dramatic television…again. In particular, 90210. Now, I’d like …Read the Rest

Initial Impressions on Chase? A Solid Grade of B+ for Sheer Entertainment!

Hello again NBC Drama Fans! What did we think about the Chase pilot here at the WHR Dedicated to Drama …Read the Rest

WHR Announces Coverage of New NBC Series CHASE with Extended Promotional Trailers!

Hey NBC Drama Fans! Thought we might have forgot about you eh? Not a chance or even a CHASE. That …Read the Rest

Chatting with Chelanie – An Interview with Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick

On Saturday, August 21, 2010, Days Charity Events hosted an event featuring several Days of Our Lives actors to benefit …Read the Rest

Boston Days and Sleepless Nights

So, like many other fans, I’d been counting down the days to the Days Charity Event in Boston, which took …Read the Rest

Five Decades of Mastery by Artist and Charity Diva Louise Sorel

Welcome Louise Sorel and Days Charity Events Fans! Here at WHR we begin a news analysis series about the stars …Read the Rest

Chloe Lane: From Ghoul Girl to Darling Diva

When I started watching Days of Our Lives, Chloe Lane wasn’t appearing much on the show. I saw her only …Read the Rest

Days of Our Lives Stars Do More Than Act; They Give Back to Charity and Their Fans!

A Look into Two Days Charity Event Fundraisers On screen Days of our Lives actors, are pretty, usually selfish, rich, …Read the Rest

Melissa Reeves to Return to Days!

According to TV Guide‘s Michael Logan, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) will be returning to Days of Our Lives in November …Read the Rest

For Your Consideration…

As a long time viewer of Days of Our Lives, there are just a few patterns I notice within the …Read the Rest

Vanessa Marcil Returns to General Hospital

Get ready General Hospital fans, it’s official: Vanessa Marcil will be reprising her role this summer as Brenda Barrett. Marcil, …Read the Rest

Back in the Days – A Lumi Rewind

For many years, one of the major couples on Days of Our Lives was Lucas Roberts and Sami Brady – …Read the Rest

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