Venice the Series: More than a Webseries

For those who do not know, Venice the Series is a webseries which focuses almost exclusively on fictional characters within …Read the Rest

The Historic DAYS of the Daytime Emmys

I was excited this year for the Daytime Emmys, which I don’t often say. Why? Because of all the nominations …Read the Rest

In Loving Memory – Frances Reid

On February 3, 2010, we lost a daytime television legend, Frances Reid, who played the beloved Alice Horton on Days …Read the Rest

Can’t Get Enough Days?

Days of Our Lives may be a daily installment, but for some of us, that’s not always enough. So what’s …Read the Rest

The Saturday of Days – For Love Charitable Events and Days Charity Events

Saturday June 5, 2010, two fan events were held for Days of Our Lives in Los Angeles, California. For Love …Read the Rest

Days of Our Lives Wish List!

Hey Days Fans! Lately Days of Our Lives has been a bag of contradictions along with the characters and their …Read the Rest

Support and Donate to “Days of Our Lives” Charity Events June 05, 2010

Hey Days of Our Lives Fans! Today is a very special day for charities because of the outstanding cast of …Read the Rest

Melanie Layton Kiriakis: Relationship Analyses

If there’s one thing Melanie Layton knows a lot about, it’s bad relationships. Ever since she got to Salem, there’s …Read the Rest

Ani Martin: Character Analysis (Venice The Series)

Venice, a new Web series taking the Internet by storm features several complex characters. But one character that immediately stood …Read the Rest

Venice The Series: Writing and Technicality Critique (Season 1)

Season one is more of an introduction to the characters. Once they’ve been established… which I believe they have been …Read the Rest

Welcome to WHR’s New “Dedicated to Drama” News Site

Hi there, WR_Systems (Kenn) here from WormholeRiders home office in San Francisco. Welcome to our brand new news division “Dedicated …Read the Rest

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