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“Kill Them All” was wonderfully written by Joe Mallozzi and delightfully Directed by accomplished industry veteran Bruce McDonald! McDonald directed the seventh episode of Dark Matter season one. It was nice to witness his talents once again.

At the end of Season one, we were led to believe that, since Six (Roger Cross) betrayed the rest of the Raza crew, his days on the show would be numbered.

Dark Matter S2x01 OMG - Jace Corzo kills One

OMG! Jace Corzo kills One

Out of nowhere, however, One’s alter ego, Jace Corzo (Marc Bendavid) managed to find his way onto Hyperion 8, the moon prison, and execute One!

This was definitely an OMG –Oh My Gosh – moment.

Is One really dead? He had a bullet hole in his forehead as last week’s episode ended, and his name is not on the list of cast members for this week’s episode. Will we see anymore of Marc Bendavid? Hopefully, he will be back in future episodes!

Kill Them All:

Arax Nero - The Big Bad Saviour

Arax Nero – The Big Bad Saviour played by Mike Dopud.

Two (Melissa O’Neil), Three(Anthony Lemke) and Four(Alex Mallari Jr.) are in prison, with powerful groups all around them with their own agendas.

It seems almost impossible that the Raza crew will manage to escape the prison. Well, almost! Of course they will escape, the question is when and how will this happen, and in what episode?

Surprisingly, seemingly a villain in episode one of season two, “Welcome to Your New Home”, Arax Nero (Mike Dopud) becomes their new best friend. We here at #TeamWHR absolutely love that Mike has joined the Dark Matter cast this year!

Up to no good - Alicia Reynaud played by Inga Cadranel

Up to no good – Alicia Reynaud played by Inga Cadranel

In the opening seconds of the episode, we were introduced to Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel) who seems to be very familiar with Emily Kolburn, also known as Five (Jodelle Ferland), going as far as referring to her as “pumpkin”. Who is this new woman? Is she related to Five in some way? Is she a caregiver in Five’s past? I get the feeling that her interest in Five is not to provide her with a pleasant future.

Dark Matter S2x02 Six has a tough road ahead

Six has a tough road ahead

Six has a rough row to hoe with the results of his decisions. He originally thought that the Galactic Authority was the best of a bad bunch of powerful elite. Thus, he had little trouble deciding to turn on the Raza crew.

Now, however, as he learns more about the reality of the situation, his opinion and sympathies have changed. The universe they live in isn’t fair and Six definitely screwed up by handing his friends over to the enemy. When Anders (Jeff Teravainen) delivered the news about One being murdered there was really no way for him to be able to deny the truth any longer. He quite literally delivered his former crew to be slaughtered.

Alicia Renaud (Inga Cadranel) opens the second episode of Dark Matter as she discusses the crew of the Raza with an unknown person on the other end of her communication device. She is delighted to see that Five is one of the people who has been captured.

Another baddy - Chief Inspector Shaddick played by Franka Potente

Another Big Bad – Chief Inspector Shaddick played by Franka Potente

Not to be outdone by nasty women in positions of command, Six gets called on the carpet to answer to Chief Inspector Shaddick (Franka Potente). Although Six brought the crew in, Shaddick suspects that his judgement was clouded by the crew’s friendship. She wants information, and intends to get it.

Dark Matter S2x02 The Warden heard everything

The Warden heard everything

The Warden (Carlo Rota) has been privy to the entire conversation. The warden provides the information that Shaddick is the ranking GA authority, so the one in command. He does not know who she works for but discusses with an underling that they may have to move up their timetable.

Clearly, their nefarious plan is about to be made known to us.

Five withstands severe bullying.

Five withstands severe bullying.

Shaddick interviews Five to try to get more information. Five is no slouch. Although she is only sixteen, she cleverly outmaneuvers Shaddick by providing absolutely no information.

We learn from the eavesdropping Warden that Traugott Corp wants to kill all of the Raza Crew. Since this corporation scares the Warden, it would seem that the crew have made some pretty powerful enemies.

Close to well done and not at all fun.

Close to well done and not at all fun.

Two, Three and Four are ordered onto the waste disposal duty crew. They are all completely unaware that there is going to become much more than a simple but dirty job awaiting them!

They are lured into the incinerator and locked in. As it gets hotter and hotter inside, things are not looking good.

I know that they will get out of this, but I have no idea how. That is when Arax Nero makes an appearance. He lets everyone know that these three are now with him.

The Android is not giving up her secrets.

The Android is not giving up her secrets.

Shaddick continues to do whatever she can to get the information about what happened on the Raza from whomever she can.

Six is brought in to get the Android (Zoie Palmer) to release her information. She refuses based on the understanding that Six was never a part of the crew. Next she tries to get at Two, Three and Four.

Eventually, Shaddick threatens Four with the extradition to a ship from his home planet if he does not cooperate.

Look who has dropped by for a visit.

Look who has dropped by for a visit.

To throw a monkey wrench into the Dark Matter works, Three has a visitor. One Commander Truffault (Torri Higginson) has arrived to have a chat.

During the airing of “Kill Them All”, it was clear that Stargate Atlantis fans were thrilled to see Torri back on their screens.

While they chat in an off hand sarcastic way, Three receives some help through an eye adaptation that Truffault also has. Truffault has a habit of helping the crew in the oddest of ways. Clearly she and the Mikkei Corporation still have a use for them.

Dark Matter S2x02 Nyx gives lipstick to Three

Nyx gives lipstick to Three

Dark Matter S2x02 Three's cool eye adaptation

Three’s cool eye adaptation

After obtaining a lipstick from Nyx (Melanie Liburd), Three scribbles out a blueprint of the prison he received from Truffault’s special eye connection.

They get called into Nero’s office. He makes a deal for them to include him in their escape plans.

Lt. Anders tells Six that One has been assassinated and that his four other friends are next. “Their fates were sealed a long time ago, but there’s no reason you have to go down with them”.

Dark Matter S2x02 Two is put in solitary confinement

Two is put in solitary confinement

Two ends up in solitary when Six bribes the guards to talk to her. He tells her that he wants to help her. While this is going on, Four returns to inform Three and Nero that the Cruiser from his home world will be sending a shuttle to come and pick him up.

Unfortunately, with Two in solitary, they are running out of time to get the band together. So, Nero is forced to knock out Four since he will not dishonour himself by getting injured on purpose. Nero has one of the best lines: “When this is over and we’re celebrating on some beach, he’ll be okay with this, right?”

Four has a battle with an old friend - Misaki Han played by Ellen Wong.

Four battles with an old friend, Misaki Han played by Ellen Wong

Enter Misaki Han (Ellen Wong) who seems to have had quite a long term relationship with Four. However, she has completely bought into his murderer story.

It takes little time for her to have her two thugs to drag him out of the Infirmary, despite the complaints from Devon (Shaun Sipos). The fight does not last long.

Five arrives to put an end to it with the biggest gun she could find. She stuns Misaki and then says, “Sorry, but we’re kinda in a rush”.

Stun blasting the guards.

Stun blasting the guards.

Five has been brought to see the Android so that she can order the Android to give up her information. Instead, she orders the Android to “Kill them all”. From this moment on, we see some killer fighting on two fronts.

The Android destroys – in a family show kind of way – Shaddick and her goons. In the prison, Two, Three, Nyx and Nero start a riot. They all get disabled by the sonic noise, except that Two, with her nanites, recovers faster, breaks out and incapacitates the guards.

Prison riots are a little messy.

Prison riots are a little messy.

The Warden, using his surveillance system commands from the rear. Once all of them are together at the shuttle, Six offers to shut the airlock from the other side. Anders shows up and shoots Six. It also appears that Anders has been killed.

With Six down, Four and Three drag him into the shuttle. Moments later, they are aboard the Raza and on their way. As this potentially new crew moves forward it seems like they’re already heading for trouble.

The end of this episode shows the character Alicia Reynaud stating that her asset is on the Raza and how that person will get rid of the original members.

Lt. Anders gets shot by Six.

Lt. Anders gets shot by Six.

Although the Raza crew lost One, and Six is in the cooler, they now have three new crew members to deal with. This means a brand new dynamic. Consider that Two is used to being in charge of her group.

Arax Nero is used to being in charge of his. How will that play out? I can see Nyx and Four sparing together.

Six - played by Roger Cross -in stasis.

Six – played by Roger Cross, is put in stasis.

Devon , the doctor, is a bit of a question mark.

He seems like a nice guy, but he also could be the one who is after the asset – Five.

We will have to wait for the outcome until the next episode of Dark Matter, “I’ve Seen The Other Side Of You”.

A few things that were memorable this episode:

  • The Android is unable to connect with the Raza for some reason.
  • The Raza has gained three new passengers: Devon, Nyx, and prison gang leader Arax.
  • The team learned that One had been murdered.
  • Traugott Corp (the source of the White Hole device) was behind the attempt to kill Two, Three, and Four at the prison.
  • Six was critically injured and placed into stasis until they can get somewhere with proper medical equipment and supplies. How long will he be out of the series?

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  • avatar Kenn says:

    Happy Sunday Patricia!

    To dovetail your tag line, you killed it with your outstanding analysis of “Kill Them All”! I too was shocked to see One killed by his alter ego. At episodes end, it seems The Raza will have new crew members for the remainder of the season?

    Thanks for getting your analysis published quickly for our Dark Matter visitor admirers!

    Best Regards,

    Kenn of #TeamWHR`

  • avatar Patricia says:

    Thanks Kenn, for the kind words. Thanks also for the help with the photos and the posting.

    The great thing about Dark Matter is that it is not a show that lags. The story line progresses at a rapid pace and the viewer never quite knows what will happen next.


    • avatar Kenn says:

      Good evening Patricia,

      Always a pleasure working with you. Agreed. Superb writing, acting and directing. Mr. Mallozzi has done superb work on #DarkMatter!
      Really looking forward to seeing the cast next week at #SDCC. Thanks again.

      Best Regards,

      Kenn of #TeamWHR

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