Dracula: The Blood Is the Life…and So Is Vengence!

Welcome WormholeRiders who are dedicated to Dracula! Hello my fellow Dracula fans! I hope you enjoyed the premiere as much as I did. It was a great start to what will become a great show. I am glad that NBC took a chance on this and kept it in the fashion and tradition that the book by Bram Stoker had intended. This week’s episode gets more juicy (pun intended) as more and more about what Grayson (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has in store for the people of London. The preview included on the left side bar says it all. I must …Read the Rest

Dracula Arrives via Halloween Wormhole at Team WHR’s Latest Dedicated Web Site!

Welcome WormholeRiders dedicated to Dracula! We are pleased on Halloween to announce, by way of Lindsey Stirling’s great “Elements” music video, our coverage of the new NBC Dracula series at our new web site dedicated to the fantastic work therein which is faithful to the works of master storyteller Bram Stoker! This new WormholeRiders News Agency (WHR) web site has actually been ready since last week before the premiere, but after discussing the matter with Team WHR Senior Series Editor, and acclaimed San Francisco stage Director Lori Glumac, Lori suggested we make our launch announcement coincide with “All Hallows Day” or …Read the Rest

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