Paul McGillion’s Solo Panel

First up for our complete Dragon*Con coverage, and the first of the Stargate panels at this year’s convention, was Paul McGillion. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Aren’t panels supposed to have more than one guest?’ Yes, but not if the other guests missed their flights! Paul was the only one of the …Read the Rest

Robert Carlyle: more on "Stargate Universe"!

We thank Wired Dot Com for their courtesy and video embed Thank you for reading my review and for visiting WormholeRiders News Agency. Please feel free to leave a comment here or if you prefer, click the social media icons below to share this news article. Or as many of …Read the Rest

Robert Carlyle of Stargate Universe This Morning!

Hi Stargate Universe Fans! We thank YouTube for their high quality video embed, the UK’s ITV Dot Com ‘This Morning’ television show, and to Robert for the great interview! Stargate Universe premieres in the United Kingdom October 7 and five days earlier in the United States! YAY! Go SGU Go! …Read the Rest

Dragon Con Sunday!

Sunday was an exciting and busy day for WormholeRiders. We started early, hitting the Walk of Fame at 10:00 to drop off our questions and schedule an interview with Gary Jones. We met Gary that afternoon on his lunch break and he was wonderful! Thank you Gary for taking the …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe ‘Press Kit’ Gates In from SyFy!

Welcome Stargate Universe fans! We check our post office box daily and are hopeful our press kit will arrive in time for a review! We thank Ugo TV Blog for their courtesy and use of their video embed! Thank you for reading my review and for visiting WormholeRiders News Agency. …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe Makes The Lists!

Stargate Universe, the long awaited 3rd series spin-off from the hugely successful MGM Stargate franchise has made the “list” of top ten most anticipated television series for fall 2009 according to TV Guide On-Line! and the San Francisco Examiner!  We have provided the links to the news articles above for you …Read the Rest

DragonCon- Friday Report Two!

Today things kicked off well, though not exactly as planned. This, as I am told, is not unusual. My first event, while RadioStar was off running very important errands, was supposed to be a Stargate Atlantis panel attended by Paul McGillion, Rachel Lutrell, Joe Flanigan, and Jason Momoa. Instead, due …Read the Rest

Dragon Con- Friday!

Our morning started early. By early I mean we were up and out the door before 7:30 a.m. Why this insanity? Well for the Shatner/Nimoy panel of course! Unfortunately by the time we got over to the Hyatt the line was wrapped around inside the hotel, out the door, down …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe Extended Trailers!

Hey Stargate Universe fans! Here are a few of the extended SG-U trailers currently on the web! We are hoping SyFy will release the new 5 minute theatrical trailer for web site embedding soon! In the meantime the links below are from all really with thanks due to SyFy, MGM, …Read the Rest

Tweets from the Gate

As a newbie to the Twitter craze, I had no idea how much info comes across that thing. I’m learning now that you can learn wonderful things from 140 characters! As such, WormholeRiders is now going to closely monitor Twitter for news from those we follow, and then list them …Read the Rest

Chicago Day 2 – Completed!

A few hours after Michael Shanks appearance today, Amanda Tapping took the stage. She had little new to report since Vancouver, but had lots of wonderful stories. She did tell us that, from her time on the SGU set, the SGU cast is working hard to adjust to their new …Read the Rest

Panic Switch Atlantis!

Hey Stargate Atlantis Fans!    We continue our pre Chicago Stargate 2009 music news video series with something exclusively for Stargate Atlantis fans, ‘Panic Switch Atlantis, featuring the great music of SilverSun Pickups set to Stargate Atlantis panic situations! Featured in our rendition of Panic Switch Atlantis are some of our favorite …Read the Rest

Stargate: Something Kinda Daniel!

Hello Stargate Universe Fans, Here is Something Kinda Special for you Doctor Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) fans whom have admired his fine performances from Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis! But first a few questions must be considered: Have you ladies often wondered what kind of love affairs Doctor Jackson has …Read the Rest

Welcome to WormholeRiders (TeamWHR’s) Dedicated Stargate Wormhole World!

Welcome to WormholeRiders News Agency NEW dedicated Stargate web site! You have written and asked for a Stargate only site from #TeamWHR and we have heard you! Here we will post news about all flavors of Stargate, past, present and future, including all of our exclusive interviews dating back to …Read the Rest

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