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Dracula: Servant to Two Masters and The Fruits of Vengance!

Welcome WormholeRiders who are dedicated to Dracula! It seems to be a natural part of being human to want revenge on those people we feel have wronged us. A thirst for vengeance is nothing if not timeless. It is as classic as Homer and Hamlet, and as contemporary as Don Corleone of The Godfather, and Quentin Tarantino; as old as the eyes and teeth traded in the Bible, and as fresh as the raid that took the life of Osama bin Laden. But while the idea of revenge is no doubt delectable — the very phrase “just desserts” promises a …Read the Rest

Dracula: The Devil’s Waltz, or The Renfield Story!

Welcome WormholeRiders who are dedicated to Dracula! This was the best episode so far! Wonderfully written by show creator, Cole Haddon and Nicole Taylor, it had everything! Grayson’s preoccupation with walking in sunlight, his real feelings for Mina (Jessica De Gouw) and his rival, Jonathan, as well as a great back story for R.M. Renfield (Nonso Anozie)! The Devil’s Waltz episode was superbly directed by Nick Murphy, who also directed two episodes of Primeval. Murphy is a writer and producer as well. The Devil’s Waltz: Carrying on from the previous episode, Renfield (Nonso Anozie) finds himself a prisoner of Lord …Read the Rest

Dracula: Goblin Merchant Men – The Romantic Episode!

Welcome WormholeRiders who are dedicated to Dracula! Maybe I am being a bit thick, but the reason for the title of this particular episode escapes me. To me, this will forever be the episode, “In Which Dracula Shows He Still Has A Heart”, or, “The Romantic Episode”. What comes to mind with this current title is the little goblin bank tellers in the Harry Potter movie. So, very not the same thing. As is the habit of this particular series, the beginning of the episode gives us more insight into the character of Dracula, based on his experiences in his …Read the Rest

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