Stargate Universe:  Malice Postreview

Some called it a game-changer; others called it epic. I call it Stargate at its finest moments. Written and directed by Robert C. Cooper, it had the air about it of the Stargate Atlantis: Vegas episode and I loved it. As with all my post review stories, this will contain …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Malice Pre Review – Dr. Rush’s Dirty Little Secret! (with part 2)

Hello once again Stargate fans! Stargate Universe continues this evening with “Malice” on SyFy at 9 PM east and west time zones with one of the best Stargate episodes of all time across all three series and three movies. “Malice” is the second of two parts that began with “The …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Get Ready for "Malice"

Greetings, SciFi Fans! WARNING: This pre review is as spoiler free as possible, However images are from Stargate Universe season two episode eight “Malice.” One image should be considered a spoiler. If you do not like spoilers, stop reading now. Thank you. If you made other plans for Tuesday night, …Read the Rest

Frelling Fun Times at TriCon by Creation Entertainment!

Three cons in one? That’s crazy! Yeah. Crazy awesome! November 5-7, 2010 Creation Entertainment hosted its annual Stargate and Farscape conventions in Los Angeles, CA, at the LAX Marriott. This year, added to the mix was a Firefly/Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse convention, which led to this mega-con being titled TriCon. Unfortunately for me, …Read the Rest

And the Winner is Robert Carlyle of Stargate Universe!!!

To all Stargate fans, I have the most awesome news from Newfoundland Canada to fill you all in on. I watched the most anticipated show in Canada- The 25th Gemini Awards, I am so pleased and excited to inform you that our very own Mr. Robert Carlyle has won the …Read the Rest

A Dream Come True at Creation Entertainments Los Angeles TriCon 2010!

Hey Convention Fans! Well the time is almost here for the fantastic Creation Entertainment MEGA convention in Los Angeles featuring celebrities from Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Firefly, Serenity, Buffy and Dollhouse! As is traditional here at WHR we have created a Music News Series feature to prove …Read the Rest

Public Service Charity Announcement: Stargate Takes a Bite out of Lupus and So Can You!

Greetings Stargate and Dragon*Con fans! Dragon*Con hosts a charity auction every year. The charity itself changes from year to year however the fans’ eagerness to raise money for these charities is always at full force. The charity for 2010 is the Lupus Foundation. I have a cousin who suffers from …Read the Rest

Calling All ArmageddonExpo and All Science-Fiction and Fantasy Fans Out There!

Hello science fiction fans! Gifts… Who has not had a problem with finding an appropriate present for a friend or themselves (yes it is good to spoil oneself with a gift once in a while) in their life? However, from now this problem for science-fiction and fantasy fans has been …Read the Rest

Press Release: Profiles in History Hollywood Charity Auction 42

Hello again science fiction charity auction fans, Hold on to your “Back to the Future” Delorean time machines, Stargate, Caprica Cylon Centurian, or Tron Identity Disks! With all thanks to Profiles in History, Variety and Universal Studios, a wonderful charity event is about to occur and WormholeRiders News Agency will …Read the Rest

Dynamic Damsel Definately Does Dragon*Con!

Hello Dragon*Con Fans This was my first year attending Dragon*Con and I have to say that I immediately decided I had to go again next year. I arrived in Atlanta on Thursday (without any airplane problems) and was able to pick up my registration after only waiting in line for …Read the Rest

Conan O’Brien’s Chatting with the Recliner of Rage: An Interview with Pierre Bernard Jr f Stargate!

Hello Pierre Bernard, Jr. and Dragon*Con fans! While attending Dragon*Con 2010 this September I had the privilege of interviewing one of my favorite artists, Pierre Bernard, Jr. Pierre is known for his Recliner of Rage on the Conan O’Brien show and for his appearance in the Stargate SG-1 episodes “200”in …Read the Rest

Science Fiction to Reality

Well Sci-fi fans, it appears our prayers have been answered! On September 29, 2010 scientists announced that they had found an “Earth-like” planet named Gliese 581g.  Gliese 581g is an extrasolar planet that is located in the Gliese 581 Planetary system in the constellation Libra.  Gliese 581g is the fourth …Read the Rest

Press Release: Surprise Coverage of VCon 35 Convention Vancouver!

Hey Science Fiction and Fantasy fans, As we here at WormholeRiders News Agency have long promised, we have even more surprise (previously unannounced) conventions we are covering  before the end of 2010! Our latest announcement is WHR LIVE coverage of the thirty-fifth annual VCon! VCon 35 is more well known …Read the Rest

MGM Studios Stargate Auction Properly Perfect by Propworx

Hi Stargate fans, Recently I had the opportunity to attend the MGM Studios Stargate Auction that was held by Propworx. This event was held in Seattle, Washington at the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum (EMP/SFM) I’d like to thank the wonderful Propworx Team for allowing me to cover …Read the Rest

Reporting through Wormhole from Propworx Stargate Auction: Charity Efforts and Exquisite Images!

Hey Stargate. Propworx and MGM Studios Fans! WR_Systems posting for Kassandra aka MackenziesMomma on Twitter who is getting ready for the second day of the wonderful event The Stargate Auction! Day two of the auction will be underway soon conducted in Seattle Washington by Propworx and MGM Studios! Of special …Read the Rest

Taming the Dragon: My Dragon*Con 2010 Adventures

Huzzah Dragon*Con Fans! Not to play favorites, but of all the conventions I attend, Dragon*Con is my favorite. Ok, so I am playing favorites. Whatever! I’m allowed! It’s an awesome convention. If you’ve been, you understand. So… this was my third year at Dragon*Con. I was looking forward to seeing …Read the Rest

WHR Announces Coverage of Propworx MGM Studios Stargate Auction Adding New Regional Reporter!

Good evening Stargate fans! We promised you several surprises this week and as always we keep our word. The latest surprise is coverage on a new event beginning tomorrow running through the weekend and a new reporter joining the family at WHR that will report on this exciting event! Effective …Read the Rest

"A Plus Plus" Grade for Creation Entertainment’s Chicago Stargate Con AND Pips Award Winning Music Vid "Good To Be Bad!

Hello again Stargate fans! Let me start off by saying that this year’s Stargate Convention in Chicago was arguably the best Creation Entertainment convention I have been to yet. The atmosphere was laid back and relaxed and provided a sense of calm for all attending. It was fun and funny …Read the Rest

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