Creation Entertainment’s Outstanding Chicago Stargate Con 2010!

Hello Creation Entertainment Stargate Convention Fans! My annual trip to Creation Entertainment’s Chicago Con this year started out quite slowly, as in at a standstill. My plane had mechanical difficulties and had to be checked by mechanics at the gate. After taxiing around the runway, sitting and then getting off …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Video Interview with MingNa Courtesy of MGM Studios!

While at Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, courtesy of MGM Studios it was one of my greatest dreams come true to sit down with the lovely and fabulously talented MingNa of Stargate Universe! MingNa talked not only about her role as Camile Wray in Stargate Universe, but her new “I-Precious” …Read the Rest

An Interview with Robert Cooper of the Stargate Franchise with SGU Panel!

Fellow Stargate fans, During San Diego Comic Con 2010 I was fortunate enough to have the honor of interviewing Mr. Robert Cooper. Robert is the award winning executive producer and writer of the MGM Stargate franchise. You can see new episodes of Stargate Universe on the Syfy Channel this Fall …Read the Rest

Stepping Through to Camelot: Stargate SG-1 and Arthurian Legend

Hi Stargate Fans, Here is a little treat for you about how we found ourselves “Stepping Through to Camelot: when Stargate SG-1 goes Arthurian”. A fantastic tale that all ages enjoyed! By the end of Stargate SG-1’s eighth season, the powers that be had wrapped up eight years worth of …Read the Rest

Auroris Entertainment GateCon Fan Party

Fellow fans, About a week and a half ago now, I attended a party hosted by Patricia Bertand  of Auroris Entertainment also known ArcticGoddess1 on Twitter as as a prelude to the convention known as GateCon. You may recall that back in April I attended a similar function for WormholeRiders …Read the Rest

Gatecon 2010 Meet & Greet A Success!

Hey GateCon Attendees, Kenn of WHR posting for our dear friend Ms. Patricia Bertrand aka ArcticGoddess1 of Auroris Entertainment who is hopefully resting after day one of GateCon and filing this report for WHR which will post simultaneously at Auroris Entertainment. Thank you Patricia for the nice report and for …Read the Rest

Belinda’s Wormhole Circle in the Sand: GateCon Coverage & Four More (8 total) Stars at Auroris Fan Party!

Update July 06, 2010: Several stars have confirmed they will be able to attend the Auroris Entertainment Pre GateCon Party being conducted at The Canadian on Wednesday July 07, 2010 bringing the total to SEVEN! They are (listed in alphabetical order): The lovely Ms. Genevieve Buechner of Caprica recently interviewed …Read the Rest

MinCon’s Many Marvelous Moments for Stargate Minions!

Hi Fellow Convention Fans! I’m back home now and far, far away from Minnesota. No more Uggs and hoodies and 60 degree weather — I’m back to flip flops and tank tops and scorching heat. I’ve had a couple days to look back on the entire Creation Entertainment Stargate convention …Read the Rest

Stargate Interview with Josh Blacker of SGU, Human Target, and V Series!

Fellow fans, As some of you will remember, I recently interviewed Josh Blacker of, most recently, Stargate: Universe, Human Target, and V. In the course of the interview Josh and I talked about everything from how he first got into acting – a rather circuitous and interesting journey – to …Read the Rest

Stargate MinCon Sunday: Hewlett and Flanigan’s Snarktastic Responses!

Hey Stargate Atlantis Convention Fans! First, I have a new nickname. Bossy Trish. More on that later! Sunday, the final day of Creation Entertainment’s MinCon Stargate 2010 started off great. I slept in. Woohoo! Actually it wasn’t a problem because the much anticipated David Hewlett / Joe Flanigan panel wasn’t …Read the Rest

Creations MinCon Saturday: Rock Stars Alaina Huffman, Brian Jacob Smith, Gary Jones and ZOMG Whovian!

Hey Stargate Convention Fans! Excited didn’t begin to describe how I felt when I first heard about Creation Entertainment’s Stargate Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All images here are courtesy of Creation Entertainment with special thanks to Monica and her staff in Minneapolis for their help and support! Oh and I …Read the Rest

An Interview with Aleks Paunovic of Transparency, Stargate, BSG, and Human Target!

My fellow fans, This past weekend I interviewed Aleks Paunovic of, to name a few, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Sanctuary, Battlestar: Galactica, Human Target, Transparency, and whom you will soon see in an upcoming episode of Caprica in which he plays William Adama, Sr., father to Joseph and Sam. In the …Read the Rest

An Interview with Dan Payne: Transparency and in Sanctuary S3!

My fellow fans, This past weekend I interviewed Dan Payne of, to name but a few, Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis, Human Target, Transparency, and who you will soon see in an upcoming Sanctuary episode. A few of the things we discuss in the video are: some of Dan’s experiences as …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe Wins Big At The Leo Awards

Stargate Universe wins Best New Drama at the Leo Awards! That headline comes as no surprise to anyone who is a fan of the show. Everyone at WormholeRiders wishes a hearty congratulations to all the 2010 Leo Award nominees and winners. It is wonderful to see talent as great as …Read the Rest

CollectorMania 16: R2D2, Daleks, Dinosaurs, Joe Flanigan, Twilight Eclipse (with Promo Trailer)!

The day for CollectorMania 16 started off with my daughter, our friends and I running round the house, desperately trying to all get ready at the same time. Our dogs got under our feet (they wanted to come too), and I forgot the camera and had to go back to …Read the Rest

Phoenix Comicon: Friday – Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, SGU’s John Scalzi, Pac Man, Pinkie the Ghost and Hammerhead!

Hello everybody! Well, I survived the first full day of Phoenix Comicon! I said yesterday how much I love all the costumes that people create and there were so many great ones today!  Two of my favorites would have to be Pac Man with Pinkie the Ghost and Davy Jones …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe:  "Subversion" Review and Exposition

Welcome back Stargate Universe fans! As with all of my recaps, the following contains complete spoilers. If you have not seen the episode yet, and do not want to read spoilers, please come back once you have seen the episode and share your thoughts. According to Joe Mallozzi’s blog, writing …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe:  "Pain" Review and Analysis

Welcome back Stargate Universe fans! In full disclosure, if you have not watched “Pain” yet and do not want to read any spoilers, turn back now as this article is full of them. Carl Binder is wonderfully wicked. The same writer that brought you beautiful character development in the episode …Read the Rest

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