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Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers to find a Home4Helix! Welcome back fans! First let us all help #SaveHelix in order to get a new #Home4Helix Somewhere Over The Rainbow! This episode, Plan B, begins with…drumroll please …MONKEEEEEEEE! It wouldn’t be Helix without a monkey sighting! From the National Primate Research Center in Bethesda, Maryland (Four Star) Admiral Fiedler (Frank Schorpion) is shown the true devastation of the organophosphate pesticide, described by the tech as being similar to the VX gas. Plan B: The monkey begins to shriek and howl as its flesh starts to melt and almost seem to be eaten away off the creature, the gas killing everything (that is living) in the glass enclosure. Revealing that they have …Read the Rest

Helix: Mother – For Goodness Sake, Save Our Favorite Game!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers to find a Home4Helix! In a tour de force tenth episode of Helix named “Mother”, an outstanding science fiction drama mystery was written by one of this editors favorite script writers, Tiffany Greshler! In “Mother”, Greshler lays a solid foundation for the series as it turns the corner moving towards the season two finale. Tiffany Greshler is a gifted writer whom we had the honor …Read the Rest

Kyra Zagorsky, Superwoman of Syfy!

Welcome back WormholeRiders to WHR You Decide! This past weekend on April 18, 2015 we had the awesome opportunity to interview the fantabulous actress Kyra Zagorsky! Most recently seen as Julia Walker on the hit television series Helix, and soon to be seen on another sci-fi hit Continuum. No doubt Syfy certainly knows a good thing (Kyra) when they see it! We at WHR You Decide know that millions worldwide …Read the Rest

Helix: Ectogenesis – This Will Only Hurt a Bit!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers in the Helix! Well, the “eyes” certainly had it this episode, wouldn’t you say so? The opening scenes involve Carol (Helen Johns) and Cadmus (Kent McQuaid), two infected mychotics “living on the outside”. We can rightly surmise that Carol is the scary figure that Leila (Cristina Rosato) saw earlier this season. These two are arguing like an old married couple – he is making derogatory …Read the Rest

Tiffany Greshler, Writer for Syfy’s Helix and Dreamweaver!

Welcome back WormholeRiders to WHR You Decide! We have a special treat for you today! Recently Kenn and I had the opportunity to interview the enchanting writer from Syfy’s hit television series Helix! For a taste of what life is like in the writers’ room and on set, sit back and enjoy our interview with the very talented Tiffany Greshler whom WHR You Decide had the honor and pleasure of …Read the Rest

Mark Ghanimé, A Warm and Friendly Man and Of Helix Action!

Welcome back WormholeRiders to WHR You Decide! For those who love SyFy‘s hit television series Helix, and have wanted to learn more about just what the heck Sergio Balleseros is up to on “The Island”, we hope you enjoy our WHR You Decide interview with Mark Ghanimé included below for your enjoyment! And all who we know certainly looked forward to the evening of Friday March 13, 2015 which witnessed …Read the Rest

Helix: Vade In Pace – From Followers to the Fallen!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers in the Helix! Diving right into this review, we hear an interesting and applicable song called “Plow Under” by the Almanac Singers. This song harkens back to the WWII era where it was originally composed to parody and protest the AAA’s (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) Lend-Lease program. Within the Lend-Lease program there is a provision that allows farmers to “plow under” (or destroy) their crops and …Read the Rest

Helix’s  Sean Tucker, A Man of Many Roles and the Wise Words of Brother Landry!

Welcome back WormholeRiders to WHR You Decide! On February 27, 2015, WHR You Decide staff had the honor or interviewing a clearly rising star, Sean Tucker! Now perhaps best known as “Brother Landry” in the runaway hit science fiction series Helix, Sean has brought a realism to the character as seen on Syfy in the United States, Showcase channel in Canada, and cable television channels around the world! During our …Read the Rest

Neil Napier, Dr. Peter Farragut from Syfy’s Helix Escapes the Black Hole!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide! This Friday February 27, 2015, we are thrilled to be back with another in a series of interviews with members of the cast and crew of Syfy’s hit show Helix. Next up, the multifaceted and multitalented Neil Napier, better known to all Helix fans as the double-crossing Dr. Peter Farragut! A jack of all trades and trying to master many, let’s just start with …Read the Rest

Helix: M. Domestica – Anything But Ordinary!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers in the Helix! This week’s episode “M. Domestica” continues the fast pace we saw in “Oubliette” – I blinked and the episode was half over! Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and directed by Grant Harvey (the same outstanding director as last week’s episode “Oubliette“). I am seeing a continuity trend within the eries that sets up moments that are most enjoyable! Therefore, we begin with a …Read the Rest

Helix: Oubliette Peter Trapped with a Taste of Honey for Sister Amy!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers in the Helix! Superbly written by Leigh Dana Jackson, and directed by Grant Harvey, “Oubliette” has the Helix action being smoked out rather nicely. In fact enough to get the killer bees and their deadly honey to cooperate! The “Oubliette” episode reveals several answers to a multitude of outstanding questions from a well laid foundation by the talented Tiffany Greshler who wrote the previous episode …Read the Rest

Alison Louder, Sister Amy from Syfy’s Helix Steps Off The Island!

Welcome back to WHR You Decide! This Monday, February 16, 2015 we are thrilled to be interviewing the brilliant and remarkable actress, Alison Louder, better known to all Helix fans as the calculating and cunning Sister Amy! A young actress that made a lasting impression as Emily, younger sister to Sam Huntington’s Josh Levison, Alison has now returned to Syfy as a young “elder” in the abbey on St. Germain. …Read the Rest

Helix: Holy Honey Batman! Densho Is The Bees Knees!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking answers in the Helix! Bees, bees and more bees; are most often the bringers of fruit and vegetables and pretty flowers to our fair planet Earth. In Helix, these sometimes pesky little creatures bring something new to the inhabitants of the island! However, we know that, with Helix, nothing, even bees, are anything but ordinary! The Densho episode reveals more tantalizing questions that we, the viewers …Read the Rest

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